Where to go with children in Yerevan. Entertainment for children in Yerevan

Where to go with children in Yerevan?

Where to go with children in Yerevan?

Arriving with children in Yerevan, you can spend time interesting and fun. The city has many beautiful places and attractions.

Popular places of the city

Singing fountains are famous objects. They are located in the central city square. These are illuminated musical fountains that attract the attention of tourists and locals. The performed music of different genres gives great pleasure to vacationers. The fountains vary their repertoire daily. A spectacular show is available to everyone, as it is free.

A great place for family leisure is the Yerevan Zoo. It has existed for over 70 years. Today there are rare specimens in it: lemurs, ibex, and others. In total, 204 species of animals are distinguished in the zoo. For them, a comfortable living environment has been created that mimics the natural one as much as possible. Many animals can be fed and stroked.

The Children's Park is a popular destination for families with toddlers. It is located in an ecologically clean area of ​​the city, in a gorge. Therefore, here you can take a walk in the fresh air. On the territory of the park there are children's attractions, a race track, trampolines, carousels, a railway, etc. Kids under three years old can ride the train for free. An interesting object in Yerevan is the exotarium. This is a small establishment, occupying only 4 rooms. There are collected rare lizards, crocodiles, snakes, rodents, monkeys and parrots.

The Victory Park, which occupies one of the highest points of the city, is ideal for walking. From there, you can see the city at its best. The park has rides for children and exhibits dedicated to military equipment. The main attraction here is the monument «Mother Armenia». There is also Luna Park in Yerevan - a wonderful recreation area for children and adults.

Family leisure facilities

To have fun with the whole family, go to the children's center «Americano». It is located next to Swan Lake, in the center of Yerevan. This entertainment center offers fun activities for children of all ages. Here you can spend a children's party by ordering a show program, as well as relax in the play area.

When planning where to go with children in Yerevan, do not forget about cultural events. Children can be invited to visit the city's museums. There are interesting exhibitions in the National Art Gallery, the Sergei Parajanov Museum, and the Institute of Ancient Manuscripts. If you are attracted to theaters, take tickets to the Yerevan Hovhannes Tumanyan Puppet Theater. Good performances are offered by the Edgar Elbakyan Drama and Comedy Theater, the National Academic Theater, etc..


  • Where to go with children in Yerevan?
  • Where to go with children in Yerevan?