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Traditional Austrian cuisine

Traditional Austrian cuisine

Strongly spicy and spicy dishes are absent in Austrian cuisine (cooks and cooks use spices and spices with caution). Food in local establishments will delight lovers of meat and high-calorie dishes (here you can order sausages, steaks, pork ribs).

Food in Austria

Sausages and sausages are the favorite food of the Austrians; cold cuts, which they eat along with a side dish of potatoes, sauerkraut and dumplings (they prefer to drink this dish with homemade red wine); thick soups with pasta or dumplings.

Austrians love various fried dishes based on vegetables, potatoes, cheese, mushrooms, chicken. To enjoy these products, which have a golden crust, they are first dipped in a special mixture (panada) made from loose eggs, ground crackers and flour.

You should definitely try the popular Austrian dishes - Viennese schnitzel (veal fried in breadcrumbs), Kaiser's omelet, Tafelspitz (boiled veal with apple and horseradish), dumplings (dumplings), Bakhun fried chicken, Grune Wurstl (green sausage).

In Austria, there will be something to feast on for those with a sweet tooth, for example, apple strudel, Viennese pancakes "palachinken", soufflé "Salzburger nockerln", rum pie "googelhuft", cake "Sacher".

Where to eat in Austria? At your service:

  • "baizeli" (in these restaurants you can enjoy traditional dishes: they offer their visitors to order one or another dish from a varied menu);
  • snack kiosks (in these establishments you can buy fast food);
  • cafes and coffee shops.

Drinks in Austria

Popular drinks of the Austrians are coffee, Almdudler (lemonade with mountain herbs), Holler (drink infused with elder flowers), mulled wine, beer, wine, schnapps.

Since wine-making is well developed in the country, when visiting Austria it is worth trying local wines of such brands as “Heuriger”, “Schilcher”, “Gruner Veltrinner”, “Morrilan”, “Muscateller”.

You should definitely try Austrian beer - it is famous for its very high quality (Zwicklbier, Wiebe, Marzen).

Gastronomic tour to Austria

If you wish, you can go on a food tour to Austria “Wine & Cuisine”: during this tour you will see the main sights of Vienna, visit the wine cellars, taste the wines of the famous Merwald family, visit the culinary lessons at the restaurant of the Austrian chef Tony Merwald, under whose guidance you will be able to prepare three original dishes on your own. In addition, an excursion to the bakery of the Haubenberger family is organized for you (here you will be treated to the freshest delicious rolls). And visiting the RABL winery, you will go on excursions to the wine cellars, as well as taste seven types of wine and a light snack.

You can get a closer look at traditional food and drinks by going on a food tour to Austria.

Photos of Austrian national dishes

  • Traditional Austrian cuisine
  • Traditional Austrian cuisine
  • Traditional Austrian cuisine