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Areas of Austria

Areas of Austria

The federal structure of the Austrian Republic makes its lands equal subjects with some independent legislative powers. Historically, the central power in the country is concentrated in the capital. The modern territory of Austria is divided into nine states, one of which is the capital city of Vienna. All regions of Austria have their own flag and coat of arms, and their governments are composed of the land governor and his advisers.

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The most fertile Austrian lands are located in the Danube Valley, and therefore the largest number of the country's population is concentrated here. The regions of Upper and Lower Austria, Vienna and Burgenland are a granary for grapes and other crops. The main industrial enterprises are also located here..
Areas of Austria that are on the map in the eastern foothills of the Alps are of little use for any kind of economy. Carinthia and Salzburg, Styria and Vorarlberg and, finally, the highest among them Tyrol are territories occupied by mountain slopes, and most of their inhabitants have found their vocation in the tourism industry. The trails of the best Austrian ski resorts run down in thin snakes along the mountain slopes of these particular areas..

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Traveling in the regions of Austria promises a lot of interesting things for all fans of music and history, active winter sports and hiking in the mountains. Here you can taste excellent wines on food tours and taste the best masterpieces of local pastry chefs in Viennese coffee houses, especially since Viennese coffee was invented in Austria. Today, all fans of the aromatic drink are eager to visit Café Sacher, a cult coffee place in Vienna. In addition to a dozen recipes for making coffee, the cafe's menu includes the signature Sakher cake. Besides:

  • It is best to go downhill skiing with children in the resort of Zell am See. In addition to perfectly groomed trails, its slopes can offer guests a dozen ski schools, and local instructors can put even the greenest "penguin" on skis.
  • On the healing springs of Shtria, you can not only improve your health, but also get a charge of positive emotions from contemplating ideal landscapes, because this region of Austria is almost completely indented by mountain ranges.
  • Walks in Salzburg are of particular interest both because the great Mozart was born here, and because the entire city center is of the greatest cultural value, according to UNESCO..


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