Holidays in Austria in January: prices and weather. Where to relax in Austria in January

Holidays in Austria in January

Holidays in Austria in January

Austria in January becomes the ideal destination for a ski holiday. Snow cannons are practically not used this month, because snow falls in sufficient volume and the temperatures in the resorts are below freezing, which ranges from -2C to -10C, depending on the height above sea level. As you climb for every 100 meters, the temperature drops by 0.5C, so it is always colder in mountainous areas. The weather largely depends on the direction of movement of air masses, the presence of a nearby glacier. For this reason, Tyrol is usually colder than Salzburg itself. Western winds are approaching the Alps, and they are the ones that carry precipitation.

The weather in Vienna is unstable. During the day it can be from 0 to + 3C, but at night the temperature drops to -5C. Occasionally, the air temperature can drop to -10 - -15C. Meteorologists report that precipitation can be on average 9-10 days a month. In order to enjoy your stay in Vienna, you should dress as warmly as possible.

Holidays and festivals in Austria in January

Austria attracts tourists with rich cultural events. The inhabitants of the country honor all Catholic traditions and celebrate church holidays. January 6 is the festival of the Three Kings, also known as Epiphany. This day is a day off. Masses are held in the temples, and in the evening people have festive dinners and spend time with their families. On the eve in Austria, colorful performances are held with the participation of the Magi.

Lovers of classical music can visit the Mozart Festival, which is held in Salzburg. The festival lasts a whole week. When planning a vacation in Austria in January, take the opportunity to attend balls. Premieres at the Vienna State Opera and balls attract tourists from around the world.

What balls should be noted?

  • Ball at the Vienna Philharmonic. During the opening of the ball, guests can listen to musicians who will certainly delight you with beautiful music. After that you can enjoy classical dances.
  • The Flower Ball is one of the most beautiful, because the Town Hall is specially decorated with flowers for this event..

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  • Holidays in Austria in January
  • Holidays in Austria in January