Resorts of Azerbaijan: photos, description

Resorts of Azerbaijan

Resorts of Azerbaijan

Tourism in Azerbaijan is gaining momentum and this is great, because the ancient state can offer its guests many ancient sights, architectural masterpieces and modern achievements. Gourmets will prefer to delve into the study of the national cuisine of Azerbaijan and will be right a thousand times over. It is so diverse here that even the most fastidious visitor will find a dish in the restaurant's menu. The resorts of Azerbaijan are of no less interest, because the local unique treatment programs cannot be found in any other world health resort..

Black gold on guard of health

Azerbaijan has long been known as an oil power. Every year a huge amount of "black gold" is mined here, but not all of it is used only for technical and industrial purposes. There is a particularly valuable natural substance in the bowels of the ancient country, which makes it possible to treat dozens of different diseases..
Naftalan is a dark brown mineral oil extracted in Azerbaijan. On the basis of naftalan, health programs have been developed in the country, which have already been used by tens of thousands of people. Chemicals contained in naphthalan have antiallergic and anti-inflammatory effect, they dilate blood vessels and have an analgesic effect..

Always in the TOP

The main resort of Azerbaijan, where everyone who wants to get naphthalan treatment aspires to get, bears the same name as a panacea for many ills. Already at the end of the 19th century, the local oil attracted the suffering to the city, and today, on the basis of a medicinal product donated by the Azerbaijani bowels, several sanatoriums and boarding houses have been opened in the Naftalan resort..
Arthritis, rheumatic pains, osteochondrosis, dermatological diseases, including psoriasis - the list of reasons for visiting local health resorts is very wide and all these ailments are successfully treated in Naftalan. Baths and smears, massages and applications - this is just a small part of the list of all the secrets of doctors in the resort of Azerbaijan, where guests often leave canes and crutches, and the staff is in no hurry to send forgotten to addresses.

On the shores of the gray Caspian

The sandy beaches of the Nabran resort have been known for a long time. There is no ideal infrastructure, but boarding houses and holiday homes are open in considerable numbers. The relict beech forests surround the beaches of Nabran, and its inhabitants are not at all afraid of the presence of a person and you can see a deer, an owl or a hare right at the porch of a tourist house..

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  • Resorts of Azerbaijan
  • Resorts of Azerbaijan