Beaches of Minsk: photo, video. The best sandy beaches in Minsk (Belarus)

Beaches in Minsk

Beaches in Minsk

Residents of Minsk often ask themselves the question: can their local beaches become an adequate alternative to foreign resorts? This question is far from rhetorical, and the answer is given by hundreds of vacationers who prefer to stay within the city and relax on the local beaches. These territories are ideal for those who still have to wait a few months for a vacation, and want to relax after stressful weekdays right now..

The best beaches in Minsk are located on the Minsk Sea. Here they are sandy, clean and not very crowded, because the overwhelming majority, nevertheless, prefers to go out of town to relax. Of course, the Minsk Sea is a sea only in the minds of local residents - in fact, it is a reservoir. This reservoir has sheltered as many as nine quite comfortable beaches, maximally adapted for relaxation..

Minsk beaches for every taste: Minsk Sea

The beaches on the Minsk Sea will please even the most fastidious vacationers. Tourists can relax both on the sand and on the lawn. Picturesque nature will certainly complement the experience, and the cries of seagulls will make you think that you are really relaxing on a real sea coast.
In addition to beautiful nature and clean sand, the best sandy beaches of Minsk also offer the following services and opportunities for vacationers:

  1. Tables and gazebos on the territory of the beaches, where you can relax for a couple or the whole family
  2. Changing rooms and small showers.
  3. Romantic and informative excursions on a motor ship for visitors.
  4. A huge number of cafes and small shops where you can always have a snack.
  5. Barbecue and gazebo rental for a picnic.

However, it should be understood that on weekends there are a very decent number of people on the local beaches, so it is advisable to take a place in the morning..

Komsomolskoye Lake: a beach for everyone

The beach on Komsomolskoye Lake is the second most popular on the territory of Minsk. It is interesting that the road to this beach lies through a pretty park, where, if you wish, you can read a book on a carved bench and listen to birds singing near the fountains with drinking water. Thanks to the ubiquitous information stands, it is impossible to get lost in this park. Near the beach itself, there is a separate parking lot with a nice price and good security. Local residents and tourists get to the beach on Komsomolskoye Lake not only by their own cars, but also by public transport.

Changing rooms, showers, benches and gazebos are all located on the beach to make your stay even more comfortable. Of course, standard entertainment services for vacationers are also provided here: boat trips and catamarans, beach volleyball and playgrounds for toddlers..

Photos of Minsk beaches

  • Beaches in Minsk
  • Beaches in Minsk
  • Beaches in Minsk
  • Beaches in Minsk