Where to go with children in Brest. Entertainment for children in Brest

Where to go with children in Brest?

Where to go with children in Brest?

Traveling with children to Brest gives you the opportunity to get many vivid impressions. This city is renowned for its fascinating history and attractions.

What places are suitable for children's recreation

There are a large number of museums in Brest that are recommended to visit. You can go with your child to the Brest Fortress, archaeological museum «Berestye» and other famous objects. Cultural activities can include theater visits. Children and adults like the performances of the Brest Academic Theater named after the Lenin Komsomol of Belarus. He specializes in children's comedies and dramas. You can book a ticket for a specific show in advance. You can watch performances with puppets in the Brest Regional Puppet Theater.

You will find a lot of entertainment for the whole family in the cultural and entertainment complex «Altair». There is a large screen TV, buffet, live music.

For outdoor activities, the park named after May 1 is suitable. This is the most populous and largest park in the central part of the city. There are various attractions for children, a chess club, a stage theater and a restaurant for adults. Rare trees grow in this park.

A popular place for walking is the Lantern Alley, which appeared in 2013 on Gogol Street. It is dedicated to Gogol's characters and looks especially attractive at dusk..

The main attractions and museums of Brest

If the child has already reached school age, then with him you can explore the famous Brest Fortress. Passing through the main entrance to the fortress, you will hear the hum of planes and the countdown of the metronome. Everything there reminds of war: casemates, tanks, ruins, Eternal Fire.

Where to go with children in Brest to gain new knowledge about the events of the Great Patriotic War? For people who adore history, the expositions of the Museum of War and the Museum of the Defense of the Brest Fortress are intended. The War Museum has interesting interactive projects.

One of the most significant museums in the city - «Berestye», located within the Brest Fortress. It is dedicated to archeology and offers many unique exhibits: ancient buildings, old utensils and clothes, tools, etc..

To see old steam locomotives, head to the Railway Museum. Visitors are allowed to touch the exhibits, climb inside the locomotives and turn the valves. There are passenger, ambulance and mail cars, a railcar, a steam locomotive and other objects..


  • Where to go with children in Brest?
  • Where to go with children in Brest?