Holidays in Belarus with children - photos, resorts

Rest in Belarus with children

Rest in Belarus with children

Nice nature, perfect cleanliness, a rich program, cordiality, hospitality and European comfort at very reasonable prices - this is a brief description of rest in Belarus with children in any of the local sanatoriums, at a camp site or on an independent trip..

For or Against?

In order to weigh all the pros and cons of resting in Belarus with children, it won't take much time:

  • To travel to neighbors, you do not need air tickets and passports, visas and foreign currency.
  • Kids carry the train much easier, and the distances to Belarusian health resorts from the capital of Russia are small, so you can do without tiresome flights.
  • The kitchen and language will be familiar to children and they will not have to experience discomfort during their rest..
  • Weather in Belarus does not require acclimatization.
  • All sanatoriums in the country have comfortable rooms, and the ski resorts of Belarus are primarily intended for families with children..
  • Prices for tours, hotels, food and transport from neighbors are very democratic and allow you to relax from the heart without undermining the family budget too much.

It is best to book tours to Belarusian health resorts in advance. In recent years, rest here has been very popular even among Europeans, and therefore the number of places in sanatoriums with the approach of the season is melting as rapidly as snowdrifts in the April sun.

Preparing properly

Rest in Belarus with children can be both health-improving and entertaining. In the first case, it is worth studying the treatment programs of Belarusian sanatoriums, each of which has its own website with a full amount of information, from indications to prices. There you can also book tours for the dates you need..

Passwords, appearances, addresses

Holidays with children in Belarus are popular and useful at any time of the year. The local sanatoriums with a wide variety of medical and recreational programs are filled both in summer and winter, but during school holidays they are especially crowded. Experienced travelers recommend "Belorusochka" and "Golden Sands", where children are healed with the help of mud therapy, massage, healing inhalations and special delicious diets.
Winter leisure activities are trips to Santa Claus in Belovezhskaya Pushcha and lessons in skiing at resorts near Minsk. Summer adventures for lovers of hiking and fishing can be arranged in natural national parks or at recreation centers on forest lakes.


  • Rest in Belarus with children
  • Rest in Belarus with children