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Tours in Bruges

Tours in Bruges

It is believed that Bruges, the center of the Belgian West Flanders, is not just one of the most picturesque cities in the Old World, but also the place that has best preserved its medieval charm and old flavor. A little more than 100 thousand people live here, and the number of attractions, ancient buildings, openwork bridges and magnificent temples exceeds the number of similar ones in the largest cities in the world. For a fan of leisurely contemplation of eternal values, tours in Bruges are a worthy way to occupy yourself during your holidays or vacations.

History with geography

Only 17 kilometers separate the Belgian city from the seashore, and in Bruges itself there is a system of navigable canals, which gave it the unofficial nickname "Venice of the North". More than fifty bridges connect the banks of the canals, and the word "Bruges" itself comes from the German meaning "bridge".
The first mentions of Bruges appeared in the III century, and four hundred years later he acted as the main one in Flanders. The development of maritime trade allowed the city to flourish and grow rich, until Antwerp took over, and the inhabitants of Bruges did not have to be content with little again..
Today tours in Bruges allow you not only to touch the history of Europe, but also to feel the medieval spirit that still reigns on the streets of the Belgian Venice of the North.

Briefly about the important

  • There is no international airport in the city, but, having arrived in Brussels, you can take a train and in just an hour and a half get off on the platform of the old Bruges railway station. Trains from Amsterdam or Antwerp do not take much longer.
  • The most pleasant and dry weather, which allows you to walk around the city for a long time and comfortably, comes in May. Thermometers are inexorably approaching +18, the wind becomes warm, and precipitation is rare and short-lived. In November it gets colder again, the sky is covered with clouds and it rains much more often.
  • The most profitable way to get around the city is the De Lijn bus network. It is better to buy tickets for a daily allowance, which gives the right to make an unlimited number of trips for a fixed amount. They are sold by any bus driver. Taking a car rental during a tour in Bruges is not a very good idea, since finding a parking place can be very problematic.
  • It is better to dine away from the main squares, where prices for tourists are inflated many times over. The most popular shopping item in Bruges is the famous Belgian chocolate and brilliant cut diamonds.


  • Tours in Bruges
  • Tours in Bruges