The best resorts in Bulgaria. The best resorts in Bulgaria for holidays

The best resorts in Bulgaria

Almost the entire territory of Bulgaria is a continuous resort area. The many resorts are, of course, a definite plus. After all, the more choice, the easier it will be to decide on a place where you really like. So, the best resorts in Bulgaria.

Saint Vlas

A small young resort village located just 4 kilometers from the popular Sunny Beach. It is located at the very foot of the Balkan Mountains. Such a harmonious combination of different climates makes it just an ideal place for the treatment of respiratory diseases..

The coastal line of the resort is a chain of miniature coves, where golden sand lies on the beaches, and the water is absolutely transparent.

A variety of hotels, as well as a well-developed tourist infrastructure, make this young resort town a rather popular holiday destination in this country..

Golden Sands

The resort is located in the national park of the country. The resort area received its name because of the purest golden sand that covers the entire beach strip.

The resort has a well-developed tourism industry. Numerous hotels of various categories, a huge number of cafes and restaurants offering a choice of dishes from several world cuisines, as well as a huge selection of places offering a great time - this is the range of services offered by the resort to its numerous guests..

Golden Sands is a great place to relax with children. You should definitely visit the huge Aquapolis water park, where the little traveler can ride various water attractions.

A beach holiday in Golden Sands can be perfectly combined with wellness treatments. For these purposes, the resort has many spa centers..

Sunny Beach

Magnificent resort area - one of the largest Bulgarian resorts. The resort complex annually opens its doors to thousands of tourists who come here from all over the world. Huge selection of hotels, as they say «for every taste and wallet», well-developed infrastructure, variety of entertainment centers, restaurants, cafes, shops. In a word, there will simply be no time to be bored here.

The whole family can have a great rest in Sunny Beach. Fine soft sand and a gentle entrance to the sea attract couples here. Kids will enjoy floundering in warm shallow water.

The active nightlife of the resort is known all over the world. DJs who are popular with young people and popular performers are frequent guests of concert venues. Therefore, young people most often choose this particular resort for their holidays..

These, of course, are not all the best resorts in Bulgaria, but the most famous.

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