Holidays in Bulgaria are traditions. National holidays of Bulgaria

Holidays in Bulgaria

Holidays in Bulgaria are a reflection of the ancient traditions and beliefs of the people living in this area of ​​the Balkan Peninsula. But in addition to the ancient holidays, in the holiday calendar of Bulgaria there are also those that appeared not so long ago..

Holidays and festivals in Bulgaria

  • New Year: like Russians, Bulgarians begin to celebrate this holiday from the evening of December 31. It is believed that you need to celebrate the New Year at a plentiful table, in the center of which they put loaves (they put 1 coin inside - whoever gets it will be lucky all year). Before starting to eat the loaf, the oldest member of the family must read a prayer, then break the loaf and give a piece to everyone sitting at the table. In the countryside on this day, girls are engaged in fortune telling on their betrothed..
  • Christmas (December 24-25): on this day it is customary to gather at the table, which must contain at least 12 meat dishes. And in the stuffed cabbage or a pie with feta cheese, the hostesses put dogwood twigs, leaves on which they write wishes for happiness and health, coins. On this fabulous night, Bulgarians take to the streets to loudly congratulate acquaintances and strangers on this holiday..
  • Rose Festival (first week of June): held in honor of the flowering of the oil rose (used to make rose oil). On holidays, folklore groups give concerts for residents and guests of the city of Kazanlak, exhibitions of photographs and paintings, as well as holiday parades. It is worth noting that a competition is held at the festival, the purpose of which is to choose one girl from a variety of beauties - the Queen of Roses. And in the cities located near the Valley of Roses, excursions to memorable places are organized for everyone these days..
  • Dzhulaya holiday: On July 1, fans of good music and the starry sky appear on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, because the holiday ends only at sunrise. And this is a great opportunity to meet the most romantic sunrise with your other half..

Event tourism in Bulgaria

While vacationing in Bulgaria, you can take part in holidays such as New Years and Solstice Day, or festivals (Summer Festival, Folklore Festival, International Children's Festival).

Travel agents advise art lovers to come to the city of Sozopol at the end of August for the Festival “Apollonia”. Here for 10 days you can visit the evenings of writers and poets, exhibitions of artists, watch the performances of jazz and classical music performers, as well as theater and dance groups. It is worth coming here with children - a festival is organized for them during this period “Baby Apollonia”, accompanied by performances and creative workshops.

A visit to Bulgaria during the days of celebrations and folk festivals will leave an indelible impression on your soul. What are the performances of kukeri dressed up in fur clothes ...