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Diving in Cambodia

Diving in Cambodia

Diving in Cambodia is mostly possible only on the islands, but here you will have a lot of diving pleasure. Most of the islands are uninhabited and you can soak up the sand between dives all alone.

Koh Koun Island

There are three good places here. A couple of them are located at the western end of the island. The stones located directly at the water's edge gradually go deeper and at a depth of 16 meters pass into a sandy plateau. Gorgeous coral gardens and schools of fish are what this dive site will welcome you to..

Another dive site is the coral reef, which is located on the surf line in the southern bay of the island. The maximum depth is 14 meters. Beautiful anemones and numerous flocks make the dive site very beautiful, but a special night dive experience. Electric rays, hunting moray eels and idly swimming sharks will make it simply unforgettable.

Koh Rong Saloem Island

Located an hour and a half from the mainland, it is of great interest to experienced divers..

Cobia point

The name of the dive site translates as «coby hangout». He earned such a reputation thanks to the numerous kobias who chose him as their home. Cobias are large two-meter fish very similar to reef sharks. They are completely harmless, but extremely curious and often accompany divers during the dive..

Rocky bay

This place is ideal for a leisurely viewing of corals, of which there are just a lot of them. The maximum depth of 10 meters turns diving into a leisurely stroll. Here you have a unique opportunity to observe the life of nudibranchs and young fish.

Nudibranch heaven

Literally the name of the site is translated - «Paradise of nudibranchs». The very shallow depth, no more than 10 meters, made it a habitat for cuttlefish, moray eels and baby octopuses. Stingrays and numerous flocks of parrot fish often visit the local waters..

Sponge Garden, or Sponge Garden

The site received this name because of the huge accumulation of sea sponges, which literally covered the entire reef. Sometimes between them you can see scorpion fish, as well as numerous crabs and shrimps. They love to swim around the diving cobia and barracuda divers, but the number of parrot fish here is so huge that their schools sometimes completely obscure the reef.

Two tone garden

The dive site brings together two completely different dive sites. After diving, you first find yourself on a reef covered with magnificent gardens with many curious fish, but as you move forward along the stream, the reefs disappear, and a completely different landscape opens before you - huge glades of pink anemones and whip corals. It is especially beautiful here during a night dive, when stingrays gracefully flutter around and scorpions swim around.


  • Diving in Cambodia
  • Diving in Cambodia
  • Diving in Cambodia