Cuisine of Canada: photos, dishes and recipes of national cuisine of Canada

Canadian cuisine

Canadian cuisine

What is Canadian cuisine? This is a mix of gastronomic recipes from all nations of the world, with an emphasis on certain cuisine in different regions, for example, in Quebec - on French, and in Nova Scotia - on Norwegian, Breton and English.

National cuisine of Canada

Canadian cuisine is based on meat dishes - chicken, bear, deer, rabbit, elk are used: stews, steaks, roast beefs, steaks are made from it. It is worth trying fillet brochette (fried fillet of bacon with onions and mushrooms, pre-skewered on skewers). As for the appetizers, they are represented by boiled pork, pâtés, smoked herring, cheeses, seafood, and the first courses are mashed soups and broths made from noodles, croutons, beans and herbs. The pride of Canadian cuisine is maple syrup: it is added to almost all sweet dishes and desserts in the form of muffins, pies, pancakes, waffles, buns, ice cream.

Popular Canadian dishes:

  • cauliflower and tomato puree soup;
  • Quebec meat pie;
  • rabbit stewed with vegetables;
  • ham in wedge syrup;
  • pumpkin puree soup with cream, pepper and onions;
  • oyster pie sprinkled with grated potatoes.

Where to try Canadian food?

Canadian restaurants and cafes serve French, Italian, Anglo-Saxon, Indian, Russian, Japanese and, of course, national cuisine..

In Ottawa, you can satisfy your hunger “Pelican Fishery & Grill” (guests are offered to try mussels in sauce, pumpkin soup and clam and bacon soup) or “Beckta Dining & Wine” (visitors here are delighted with Canadian cuisine - meat dishes, interesting vegetable side dishes and wine), in Quebec - in “Aux anciens canadiens” (specializing in Canadian meat dishes - guests in this restaurant are treated to delicacies in the form of deer and buffalo meat), in Vancouver - in “Bishop’s” (this restaurant's menu features contemporary Canadian cuisine) or “Gallery Lounge” (in addition to local cuisine, guests of the institution will be able to enjoy jazz music - jazz bands are invited here several times a week).

Cooking classes in Canada

Those who wish will be able to attend master classes and culinary courses that are held from time to time in Toronto at Humber College (in general, professional chefs are trained here and they conduct seminars on molecular gastronomy).

A visit to Canada is recommended in conjunction with the Culinary Festival “Eat!” (Vancouver, May), Oyster Festival (Tofino, BC, November), International Shellfish Festival (Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, September), Carrot Festival (Bradford, Ontario, August), Great Northern White Gourd Festival (Smoky Lake, Alberta , October).


  • Canadian cuisine
  • Canadian cuisine
  • Canadian cuisine