Ski resorts in Canada: photos, reviews. Alpine skiing in Canada

Ski resorts in Canada

Ski resorts in Canada

At the mention of this North American country, magnificent hockey, fire maples, hundreds and thousands of lakes and national parks come to mind, the beauty of which is hard to find. It is not easy to get a visa here, but this does not stop those who decided to get to know all this splendor better..
The high quality of the tracks of the Canadian resorts and the extraordinary variety of the terrain of the slopes are the main distinguishing features. Skating here is preferred not only by residents of the country with a maple leaf on the flag, but also by their southern neighbors from the United States. Residents of the Old World believe that skiing in Canada can give completely different impressions and sensations..

Whistler Resort

The Canadian Whistler ski area is said to be superb. The resort is located near the Pacific Ocean, and largely due to its proximity, Whistler receives up to eleven meters of precipitation annually. The snow cover is not «shrinks» below a meter, and therefore freeriders feel especially at ease in the Canadian resort. Whistler bears the unofficial title of the snow capital of the world.
The highest point of the ski area is located at 2,180 meters. The height difference is more than 1.5 km, and the total number of paved routes is about a hundred. Whistler has ski areas for both beginners and those who are confident on the board or ski. And a quarter of all slopes are of the difficult category and are suitable only for those who consider themselves a real ace..
Athletes are served by 16 lifts, of which two are high-speed gondolas. The total number of people they are able to deliver to the launch sites is about 30 thousand per hour. Almost 90 hectares of skiing area of ​​the resort is served by snow cannons, although there is practically no need for this at the height of the season. Borders, in addition to freeriding, can prove themselves here in Chipmunk Rail Park and on the Wistler Pipe.

Blackcomb Resort

Next to Whistler is the Blackcomb resort, which is called the main snowboard resort in the province of British Columbia in Canada. It is connected to Whistler by gondola, which allows you to ride the pistes of the two regions during the day. The weather conditions here are similar - no more than 15 degrees of frost in the mountains in the midst of winter and the snow cover is about 900 cm.
The maximum height of Blackcomb trails is 2280 meters, of which the length of the longest is 11 km. The resort is served by 17 lifts, of which seven are high-speed. They lift 30 thousand people per hour, and in case of weather whims, artificial snow covers more than 140 hectares of ski slopes..
Snowboarding at the resort can be enjoyed at three snow parks. Big Easy Terrain Garden, Terrain Park and Highest Level Terrain Park are famous throughout Canada for their figures for performing tricks, and the super-pipe is able to give joy to even the most seasoned boarders..
Ski passes at the resorts can be purchased for approximately CAD $ 100 per day. Six-day pass will cost $ 550.

Silver Star Resort

This Canadian ski region has been honored in various nominations. It was recognized as ideal for family vacations and one of the best in the world for weather conditions. It takes its rightful place on the podium of the world's top ski spots, and the maple leaf country ski team trains here every year before important starts..
The depth of the snow cover is about 700 cm, and the skiing area is located at the level of 1915 meters and below with an altitude difference of up to 750 meters. For the needs of athletes, 9 lifts are equipped, of which five are chair lifts. In total, the Silver Star offers its visitors 107 different tracks, a third of which are black, of a high category of difficulty. They can be overcome only by the most desperate daredevils and real gurus of alpine skiing and snowboarding. For the green ones, there are 20 tracks of the same color, where you can safely and safely train and improve your skills. The longest descent of the Silver Star stretches for 8 km.
Doorkers willingly come to this region because of the well-equipped fan parks, of which there are as many as two. Trumps, kickers, rails - the assortment of figures is striking in the variety and quality of the device. And a couple of decent halfpipes complete a nice snowboarding picture..
Ski passes for the day of skiing can be purchased for $ 75 local dollars, the seasonal one will cost $ 860.

Kimberley Resort

This region in the southeast of British Columbia is notable for the fact that you can ski on its slopes almost all year round. Up to 4 meters of snow falls here a year, and the ski area starts at 1980 meters. The lowest point of the local slopes - 1230 meters.
In total, the resort has 70 excellent slopes, of which more than a third are particularly difficult. Seven tracks are marked with double black, which means that skiing is available only to real pros. There is a place to learn how to stand on a board or ski and for completely beginners. There is a snowboard school for penguins, the instructors of which are fluent in their craft.
Board workers can rock out in a snowpark with a variety of shapes and hone their skills on a masterfully crafted pipe.  

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  • Ski resorts in Canada
  • Ski resorts in Canada
  • Ski resorts in Canada
  • Ski resorts in Canada
  • Ski resorts in Canada