Airport in Vladikavkaz: scheme, photo. How to get to Vladikavkaz airport

Airport in Vladikavkaz

Airport in Vladikavkaz

Beslan Airport is the main airport in North Ossetia, serving the city of Vladikavkaz. It was put into operation in the mid-30s of the last century, at that time the first civil flights to Astrakhan and Rostov-on-Don began from here. At the end of the 70s, a serious reconstruction began, which included the construction of a new runway, a control tower, a terminal building, etc..
After this reconstruction, which was completed in 1982, the airport was able to receive Tu-154 aircraft (at that time, the Tu-154 was a first-class aircraft).
At the end of the 80s, the airport in Vladikavkaz experienced a serious rise, a large number of new directions were opened - to Kiev, Samarkand, Minsk, etc..
During the military conflict between North Ossetia and Georgia, the airport was very busy; in a short period more than 1000 Il-76 aircraft were served here. Obviously, after such a load, the runway was in poor condition, so after the end of the conflict it was closed for repairs..
In 1998, the established airline Alanya began to operate the airport, which made a great contribution to the development of the airport. In 2009, regular communication with the cities of the near abroad was again established. Today the airport serves more than 200 thousand passengers a year..


The airport in Vladikavkaz is ready to provide the most comfortable conditions for the stay of passengers on the territory of the terminal. Airport guests can visit cafes and restaurants.
In addition, there are shops at the airport where you can find souvenirs, clothes and other goods..
For tourists with children, there is a mother and child room with seating, changing tables and a kitchen. To use the services of this room, you must submit documents confirming that the child is less than 7 years old.
In addition, ATMs, post offices, etc. operate on the territory of the terminal..
The spacious and comfortable waiting room should be noted. There is also free wireless Internet in the terminal..

How to get there

Only taxis leave from the airport to the city. The fare will be about 300 rubles. The parking lot is located 100 meters from the terminal building, but often drivers wait for their passengers right at the terminals.
In addition, you can take a taxi to the turn to the airport, from where buses go to the city. A ticket costs about 100 rubles.

Photos of Vladikavkaz airport

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