Rest in Pyatigorsk - photo. Summer vacation in Pyatigorsk 2015

Rest in Pyatigorsk

Rest in Pyatigorsk

Rest in Pyatigorsk is green parks, various entertainment, clubs and discos, health resorts and boarding houses.

The main types of recreation in Pyatigorsk

  • Excursion: on excursions you will see the city's business card - an eagle sculpture, Pyatigorsk fountains, 2 interesting grottoes - Diana and Lermontov, Lazarevskaya church, Mikhailovsky Cathedral, a natural cave “Failure” on the slope of Mount Mashuk (at the bottom of the cave there is a lake with warm mineral water), relax in the Kirov Culture and Leisure Park and the park “Flower garden”, visit the site of Lermontov's duel (a monument is erected here).
  • Therapeutic: at the resort, various diseases are treated and prevented through climatotherapy, healing waters (radon, hydrogen sulfide) and mud from Lake Tambukan. To improve your health, it is not necessary to settle in sanatoriums - it is enough to walk through the drinking gallery to taste all types of medicinal waters of the city for free.
  • Active: vacationers can ride a mountain bike, go horseback riding and hiking (many routes pass through the foothills of Mashuk), rock climbing and mountaineering, hang gliding and paragliding, play bowling in the club “Arbat”.
  • Beach: beach lovers are not stopped by the absence of the sea in Pyatigorsk - they rest here on the beaches by the lakes. So, married couples with children are recommended to visit the equipped beach on the shore of the lake, located next to the Novo-Pyatigorsk railway station - the increase in depth here is gradual, and there is also a boat station, slides, cozy gazebos, playgrounds, changing cabins.
  • Event-driven: a trip to Pyatigorsk should be planned for the City Day celebration (September), accompanied by a Flower Festival, a culinary art competition, a music concert, a fire show, and an Aeronautics Festival; Jazz Music Festival (November); Indian Holi (August).

Prices for tours to Pyatigorsk

Despite the fact that Pyatigorsk is a year-round resort, it is best to rest here in April-September. In the high season, which lasts from June to September, as well as on New Year's and Christmas, you should be prepared for high prices: at this time everything becomes more expensive - tours, meals and accommodation in Pyatigorsk. If you are interested in high quality and affordable prices, then you should come to Pyatigorsk in late January - early May - this period is characterized by a decrease in prices by 20-30%.

On a note!

If you want to have a great time or you have skin, gynecological, musculoskeletal diseases - welcome to Pyatigorsk. And do not forget to take comfortable clothes and shoes, a windbreaker, sunglasses and cream, a hat or cap on vacation..

And returning home from Pyatigorsk, you can buy a local fur coat, mineral water, woolen things (mittens, sweater).

Photos of rest in Pyatigorsk

  • Rest in Pyatigorsk
  • Rest in Pyatigorsk
  • Rest in Pyatigorsk