Features of Chile - communication, cuisine, traditions

Features of Chile

Features of Chile

South America attracts tourists with its unusual countries, each of which deserves close attention to itself. Chile's national characteristics are multifaceted and interesting.


Chile's culture is multinational, because it is the embodiment of the traditions of different peoples. Thus, every tourist will find something interesting for himself..

Chile is home to 65% of the mestizos who speak Spanish and are descendants of the Spanish colonialists and local residents. At the same time, 30% of the population are European immigrants, namely Austrians, British, Germans, Italians, French. Only 5% is accounted for by the indigenous population, which is known as the Aymara, Mapuche, Quechua, Rapanui tribes. The country is also home to Argentines, Arabs, Jews, Russians.

Local mentality and communication features

Every foreigner should be ready for certain nuances that can manifest themselves during communication.

  • Chileans are reserved people, but at the same time they are ready to show friendliness, a desire to help. If necessary, you can contact a local resident and be sure that he will really help.
  • Chile has a low level of crime and corruption. Unfortunately, in big cities there is a risk of meeting a thief, a swindler, but in the provinces you can gain confidence in your safety..
  • Tourists should avoid policy disputes with locals.
  • Smoking and alcohol should be avoided on the streets, in public places. This is not prohibited, but there may be fines..
  • Older Chileans often have a positive attitude towards the Pinochet regime (1973 - 1990), young people hate him.
  • Most families have many children. It is important to note that there are practically no divorces..
  • Almost all institutions are closed on Sundays and holidays..

Features of Chilean cuisine

If you want to visit Chile, you should try to taste national dishes that pleasantly surprise you with their variety. You can find food made from seafood and meat, vegetables and fruits. Get ready for the tastiest seafood.

Among the most popular dishes, a soup called «casuela de ave», which is made from chicken, potatoes, rice and seasoned with numerous spices. Get ready for the fact that the soup will be not only tasty, but also very satisfying.

Chile is renowned for its amazing wine. Local vineyards are located between the ocean and the Andes. In the volcanic area, grapes grow that turn out to be as tasty as European. Among the most popular wines it should be noted «Santa carolina», «Toro», «Cum». Chile makes grape vodka «pisco», which is usually served before meals with ice, sweet powder, lemon juice.

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  • Features of Chile
  • Features of Chile
  • Features of Chile