Costa Rica airports - list of Costa Rica international airports

Airports in Costa Rica

Airports in Costa Rica

Several dozen airports in Costa Rica allow you to reach even the most remote parts of the country without interference. Tourism here is gaining momentum every year and travelers from Russia come to see the untouched jungle, exotic birds and beaches with unique black volcanic sand. There are no direct flights between Moscow and San Jose yet, but with transfers in Madrid or Havana it is easy to get here on the wings of Iberia Airlines or Cubana with connections in Madrid or Havana. Travel time excluding transfers will be about 15 hours.

Costa Rica International Airports

Several airports in the country have the right to receive international flights:

  • Air harbor in Liberia in the province of Guanacaste. The city where the airport is located is located half an hour from the famous Pacific resorts on the Golden Riviera of Costa Rica.
  • Limon International Airport on the southern Caribbean coast serves the resorts of Cahuita, Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo. The region's main carrier is Nature Air, which flies to Lemon from the capital, San Jose. Despite its international status, this Costa Rica airport does not currently accept aircraft from overseas.
  • Tobias Bolaños Airport is named after the pilot who laid the foundations of aviation in the state. The air harbor is located right in the capital of the country and aircraft land here daily from the airports of Liberia and Tamarindo.
  • The main international airport of Costa Rica is located 20 km from San Jose and it is he who receives the bulk of foreign tourists.

Metropolitan direction

The airport in the capital of Costa Rica is called Juan Santa Maria. It is the second busiest in Central America after Panama and serves up to 4.5 million passengers annually..
Only passengers with printed e-tickets or boarding passes are allowed in the departure area of ​​the airport terminal. When departing from Costa Rica, you will have to pay an airport tax, the amount of which, in terms of US dollars, is about $ 30.
The main airline based in this port is Avianca, and besides it, American Airlines from Miami and New York, Delta Air Lines from Atlanta, United Airlines from Chicago and Washington and US Airways from Charlotte send their planes here..
Air Canada delivers tourists to Costa Rica from Toronto and British Airways from London. Cubans and Spaniards fly from Havana and Madrid, respectively, while Aeromexico connects San Jose with Mexico City.
The capital air harbor has two terminals, of which Terminal D is responsible for domestic flights, and all international flights land at Terminal M.
Airport transfers are available by public transport or taxi. In addition, hotels are very popular with the service of meeting their guests at the airport, which minimizes the risk of a language barrier with taxi and bus drivers who do not speak English..


  • Airports in Costa Rica
  • Airports in Costa Rica