The best resorts in Costa Rica. The best Costa Rica holiday resorts

The best resorts in Costa Rica

The best resorts in Costa Rica

Travelers who have visited Costa Rica at least once call this country the most beautiful place on the planet. And this opinion is not without foundation. There is everything here - endless mountains, and many national parks and reserves, volcanoes and black sands of beaches, magnificent cascades of waterfalls and, of course, the best beaches of Costa Rica. Isn't this a tourist paradise?


Stunningly beautiful beaches, hot sun, many hotel complexes and other tourist delights - this is what makes this province of the country special, making it stand out in the eyes of the tourist world..
Coco beach area attracts with a vibrant nightlife. A huge number of people always gather here. And Flamingo Beach is a perfect combination of first-class relaxation in almost complete seclusion..

The beach areas of Ganakaste - Hermosa and Ocotal - are a huge success among the guests of this province. Grande Beach is located in the southern part of Ganakaste. It is interesting because thousands of Baul leatherback turtles have chosen it as their home, so here tourists are given a completely unique opportunity to observe them in their natural habitat. It is the sands of this beach that become the birthplace of little turtles..

The Tamarindo beach area is a very picturesque place. Magnificent beaches surrounded by mangrove trees create a truly unique atmosphere in complete harmony with nature.


Puntares is a large city in the country and the capital of the province of the same name. It is an unforgivable oversight to visit here and not try the local coffee. The local drink has a surprisingly sweet and rich taste without the characteristic bitterness of coffee. In addition to this divine drink, you should definitely enjoy the dishes of the national cuisine. Especially the local chefs succeed in fish.

Excursion «zest» Puntaresa - Poas volcano, where every visitor of the city must visit. And tourists are also entertained with a completely exotic walk - a trip along the river where crocodiles live. Of course, these are not Amazonian alligators, but, nevertheless, it is quite interesting to observe these predators in their usual environment..
In general, Puntares is associated with a huge resort-reserve, because there are many parks and protected places where rare species of animals are found.


This is another resort area located on the Caribbean coast. Rest in Limone is a great opportunity to admire a truly beautiful port city, which has become the venue for numerous festivals. Here in part fiery rhythms «reggae» and strong Jamaican rum.

The city seems to have been created for relaxation and gives you the opportunity to relax in a completely calm, and most importantly, cheerful atmosphere. Locals wear exclusively national costumes, which adds color to the rest..

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