Holidays in Cyprus are traditions. Cyprus National Holidays

Cyprus Holidays

Cyprus Holidays

The island of Aphrodite seems to have been created in order to enjoy the rest, which is called on «full reel». Cypriots do not think that something can be too much. What does it mean to quit smoking, or quit wine, or start a diet? The inhabitants of the island adhere to a fairly simple life principle, which is embedded in a single word. «Herete». Rejoice! It is he who sounds both when greeting and saying goodbye. Holidays in Cyprus - grandiose and fun - follow the same principle.

Wine festival

The celebration begins on August 30 and safely lasts for 11 more days. The heat at this time of year is no longer so strong, and the air is saturated with the smell of ripe grapes.

Cypriot wine is prepared according to traditional recipes that local winemakers keep in the strictest confidence. The atmosphere of the Limassol Wine Festival is saturated with national flavor. The sounds of bouzouki, a kind of Cypriot balalaika, are heard everywhere. It is she who sets the rhythm for local dancers..

Starting from 8 pm and until 11 am, guests have the opportunity to taste young wine for free, and therefore the flow of guests of the festival is simply inexhaustible..

If you have a desire, then you can join in the preparation of the drink. Having rolled up the legs of their trousers or tucked their skirts higher, people enthusiastically trample grapes, squeezing out the juice. The whole action is accompanied by the sounds of national music.

Limassol Beer Festival

The beer festival begins in the midst of the summer heat - July 13th. Guests begin to flock to Limassol in advance, and the celebration itself lasts exactly three days. The most famous musicians of the world come here to perform on the open stages of the city. Concerts start at nightfall.

The beer festival is especially loved by the guests of Cyprus. After all, you can taste such a huge number of beers in one place only here. You can buy beer, or you can get to free tastings. Cypriots themselves prefer wine to beer, and the foamy drink is produced exclusively for export..

The festival, despite this amount of beer, is generally calm. Only sometimes tourists who have slightly sipped the intoxicated drink lose control of themselves a little, but they are forgiven a lot on this day, including slightly inappropriate behavior.


Kataklysmos is one of the brightest and most cheerful holidays in Cyprus. In the morning, people go to churches for festive services, so that later they have fun about the soul..

Especially brightly Kataklysmos is celebrated in Larnaca. There, a cross is brought out to the embankment, which the priest throws into the sea. Everyone can try themselves as pearl divers and raise the cross from the depths. Whoever finds him becomes the king of the festival. And all the guests from the newly baked monarch are waiting for only one order: «Everyone to swim!». The whole crowd rushes into the water, flopping into it right in their clothes. And if you did not dare to follow the example of many, then you will definitely be helped with this..


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