Holidays in Cyprus in January: prices and weather. Where to relax in Cyprus in January

Holidays in Cyprus in January

Holidays in Cyprus in January

The lowest temperature marks are recorded in Cyprus in January. Despite this, for the inhabitants of Russia it is warm here even in winter. There are no significant differences in the temperature background of the cities of Cyprus. But you should know the approximate temperature in areas of the state..

Weather in Cyprus in January

In Paphos it can be + 17C during the day and + 8C at night. Precipitation accounts for about half a calendar month, and the sun for about six days. In Ayia Napa, temperatures range from + 7C to + 16C, but the amount of precipitation is 93 mm, which equals eleven rainy days. It should be noted that the eastern regions of Cyprus are drier than the western ones. Due to this, there are only ten rainy days in Protaras..

The southern coast of Cyprus, represented by Limassol and Larnaca, warms up to + 15C during the day, + 6-7C - in the evening and at night. However, there is enough precipitation: in Larnaca there can be nine rainy days, in Limassol - 13. In the capital of Cyprus, a temperate climate is noted: + 14C in the afternoon, + 5C in the evening..

Beach vacation

If you not «walrus» and do not want to plunge into the sea for Epiphany, the swimsuit will not be useful to you. The water temperature is only + 16C. In addition, the sea can be very rough in January. On sunny days, you can enjoy a walk along the coast and clean air, which is rich in iodine and is extremely healthy..

What to do in Cyprus in January - shopping and holidays

  • There are no official Christmas sales in Cyprus, but it is customary in shopping centers to cut prices in anticipation of the holidays. In this regard, before Christmas, locals and tourists can enjoy shopping. It is important to note that if you see the word sales on the shop window, you can be sure that the discounts are applied to the entire product. The best place to shop is Nicosia. Take the chance to visit both regular stores and boutiques, because discounts can be 70-80%.
  • In Cyprus, people honor religious traditions, so many people celebrate the feast of Epiphany on January 6th. On this day, it is customary to hold church services and consecrate water. On city streets you can see interesting concerts and take part in unusual competitions.
  • Ayia Napa hosts «Cultural winter» - festival of culture. This festival is held on Thursdays. The program includes performances by music and dance groups, allowing you to hear Latin American songs and enjoy flamenco dancing. In addition, the festival allows you to visit an evening of music and dance in Greece, an evening of classical music. Concerts start at 20.00 at the Ayia Napa Municipal Conference Hall.

Holidays in Cyprus in January can be truly interesting and memorable!

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  • Holidays in Cyprus in January
  • Holidays in Cyprus in January