Taxi in Prague - prices, order. How much does a taxi cost in Prague

Taxi in Prague

Taxi in Prague

All taxis in Prague have a fixed lamp with an inscription “TAXI”. In addition, they contain information indicating the registration number and the name of the company (in the car you will find a price list with tariffs).

Features of ordering a taxi in Prague

If you decide to call a taxi by phone, it makes sense to use the services of the most famous companies:

  • TaxiPraha: + 420-222-333-222;
  • CityTaxi: + 42-0-257-257-257 (can be ordered by sending sms to the number: + 420-777-257-257);
  • “Funny taxi” (Russian speaking drivers): + 420-212-290-290.

Dishonest taxi drivers in Prague are not uncommon, and the city administration is actively fighting this (raids and “test purchases”, and heavy fines are provided for deceiving tourists). Tourists are advised to study newsletters (information is displayed in 6 languages, and you can find them at the airport, in hotels, at train stations), from which you can learn how to use taxi services and what tariffs apply, as well as get acquainted with practical tips and tricks.

It should be borne in mind that taxi drivers carry no more than 4 passengers, so if you plan to travel in a large company, it is advisable to order a minivan.

If you catch a taxi on the street, so as not to be deceived, it is worth asking the driver before boarding what the approximate price of the trip will cost you - you can even pay in advance if the price suits you (for example, from the airport to the city center, the trip will cost about 400 CZK) ... If you call a taxi by phone, the dispatcher will tell you the approximate fare..

If you have any misunderstandings with the taxi driver, it is advisable to call the hotline - 156.

Taxi cost in Prague

Those who are interested in how much a taxi costs in Prague should take into account that the tariff depends on the area (moving around the city center will be more expensive than around the outskirts), but on average, you can focus on the following tariffs:

  • landing cost - 35-40 CZK;
  • 1 minute of waiting for a passenger (this applies not only to waiting at the request of the passenger, but also to idle time in traffic jams) costs 5-6 kroons;
  • 1 km of the route costs 16-35 CZK.

At the end of the trip, each passenger must receive a receipt from the driver with the fare (printed by a taximeter). Otherwise, you can not pay for the fare by threatening the driver that you will contact the city transport department or the police.

Since most of Prague taxis are equipped with terminals for accepting credit cards (Visa, MasterCard), the driver needs to inform in advance about his desire to pay for the fare in this way..

Not so long ago, Prague taxi drivers had a rather bad reputation, but today, thanks to the Czech government, taxi services in Prague have improved significantly, which cannot but please the guests of the capital..

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