Transport in Prague. Public transport in Prague - types, development

Transport in Prague

Transport in Prague

The main city of beautiful Czech Republic has attracted tourists from all over the world for centuries. Each of the travelers is trying to embrace the immensity: to look at the capital from a bird's eye view and take a long walk through its cultural sights and historical monuments. Find a restaurant with the most delicious beer, where the brave Czech soldier Schweik has been, or raid local outlets to buy souvenirs for relatives and branded items at reasonable prices.

City transport in Prague can help tourists to optimally organize their travel to iconic points. The only difficulty will be choosing the right travel card, since the Czech Republic has a rather complicated ticket system.

Prague taxi

The most expensive type of transport in Prague turns out to be very useful when you need to quickly get from one specific point in the city to another, without wasting time waiting and changing..

And here there is a better way to save money, since there are three categories of taxis. The cheapest travel must be ordered by phone, a little more expensive will be a checkered car, which slows down at the first call of a tourist. The most expensive car will be, quietly, peacefully waiting for passengers in the parking lot.

Tram or bus

The tourist will have no choice, since buses run mainly in residential areas, where the guests of the city have nothing to see. In the historic center, eco-friendly trams run, which will help you quickly get to the next attraction on the list. One has only to get the advice of a guide or a Czech friend, which travel card is better to use. On one of them, for example, you can ride 30 minutes by ground transport or drive 5 stations in the subway.

Prague Guest Bus

This type of transport is very popular with tourists, whose main goal is to go around the iconic places of the Czech capital, in order to then return to the most interesting of them for a more thorough acquaintance..

As a rule, in such buses tourists are offered an audio guide in a familiar language. Prague tour operators offer three different routes, there are also two-day ones, where a bus trip is complemented by a boat trip along the Vltava. As a bonus, instead of a river cruise, you can choose an excursion around Prague at night, which is an amazingly beautiful sight.

Your own driver

Renting a car is another way to quickly explore the city's beauty. In addition to traveling around Prague in a rented car, you can take a voyage through the equally picturesque surroundings of the capital and nearby castles.


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