Where to eat in Prague - inexpensive and tasty

Where to eat in Prague?

Where to eat in Prague?

On vacation, for sure, the question will arise before you: “Where to eat in Prague?” In the Czech capital, hostinec, hospoda, pivnice, pizzerias, restaurants, cafes, pastry shops, teahouses, sushi bars, fast food establishments, fresh bars are at your service ...

In national establishments you can taste Czech dishes based on fish, poultry, pork, beef, potatoes, dumplings, sauerkraut, sauces and gravies.

Where to eat in Prague cheap?

You can dine on a budget in restaurants that have a sign with the inscription: “denni nabidka” (for a business lunch consisting of a main course, salad, dessert and a drink, you will pay no more than 6 euros). Tip: before ordering a dish in local restaurants, you should pay attention to its volume (so, “Boar knee”, weighing 1.5 kg, can be ordered for 4 people).

Is your goal to save money and spend no more than 7-8 euros per day on food? Take a closer look at inexpensive Prague eateries. For example, in “Peklo” (passage “Svetozor”) first courses cost 0.9, and second courses 1.6 euros. You can enjoy delicious pastries in a chain cafe “Paneria”: a slice of strawberry cake will cost you 1.5 euros.

Where to eat in Prague delicious?

  • U Dvou Kocek: in this restaurant for 9 euros you can order “Boar knee” or the traditional cold cuts of roast duck, smoked pork, veal and vegetables. If you order “Ceska basta”, then this dish can satisfy your hunger 3 eaters.
  • U Bansethu: in this restaurant you can taste Czech goulash for 3.5 euros, as well as dumplings with onions, homemade cracklings and smoked bacon for 2.9 euros.
  • Ferdinanda: This place will delight you with a wide selection of food at reasonable prices. So, pork schnitzel with cheese will cost you 5.5 euros, salad - 3 euros / 300 g, beef goulash with a side dish - 4.6 euros. In addition, beer is brewed here. “7 bullets”, “Ferdinand”, “Garnet” (1-1.3 euro / 0.5 l).
  • Kozlovna: in this place you can order both simple snacks and huge dishes such as fried duck or pig. In addition, here you can find many traditional dishes (ribs, beer soup) at affordable prices..

Gastronomic excursions in Prague

Going on a gastronomic tour of Prague, under the leadership of an experienced guide, you will walk through local inns, pubs and restaurants, taste Czech delicacies, taste famous beer, as well as learn about the legends and myths of old Prague.

Enjoy Prague in the evening, taste Czech food and drinks on a 3-hour gastronomic cruise “Sweet Prague” on board a pleasure liner “Luznice”.

If your goal is to taste different types of Czech beer with traditional snacks, you should take a walk in the pubs of the Old Town (you can join the beer tour on Saturdays and Tuesdays).

There are many restaurants in Prague, prices are lower than in many European capitals.


  • Where to eat in Prague?
  • Where to eat in Prague?
  • Where to eat in Prague?