Outlets in the Czech Republic - prices, brands, outlet addresses

Outlets of the Czech Republic

Outlets of the Czech Republic

Elegant Czech Republic full of medieval charm is a favorite vacation spot for those who love beer, romantic views and healing mineral springs. Here you can walk for hours on the old pavements, admire the castles and bridges and taste the delicacies prepared by wizards in chef's hats. However, the most pragmatic travelers do not miss the opportunity to do profitable shopping, because the outlets of the Czech Republic, although not as numerous as in neighboring European fashion capitals, are still ready to satisfy the very high demands of Russian guests..

Useful little things

The Czech Republic is a country where you can make purchases with a VAT refund condition. When paying for the goods selected in the outlets of the Czech Republic, you should ask the cashier to draw up an appropriate check so that when crossing the opposite border, you can receive the amount of tax, which is at least 10%. It is important that the amount of the check exceeds 2001 CZK and that the purchases are sealed..

Fashion arena

The most famous outlet in the Czech Republic is Fashion Arena, located in the suburbs of the capital. Its exact address is Průmyslová ulice, Praha 10 - Štěrboholy, and you can get to this grandiose marketplace by renting a car, taxi or metro. The outlet has a convenient free parking, where there are always free spaces.
The Fashion Arena operates from 10.00 to 21.00 seven days a week, and the list of fashion brands represented there is numbered in dozens. Here you can buy jeans from Lee, Wrangler and Levis, Lindt chocolate, inexpensive Mexx, Mango and Next clothing, Nike, Puma and Reebok sports goods, suitcases and travel accessories from Samsonite, stylish clothes from Tom Tailor and Tommy Hilfiger, quality Salamander shoes and Esso.
The arena is made in the form of an indoor stadium, all boutiques are located sequentially, and therefore buyers manage to bypass them without missing a single one. A food court awaits those who are hungry on the second floor, and a huge grocery supermarket is open next to the outlet..

Hot prices in Znojmo

Freeport International Outlet is a convenient choice for those traveling in Europe. Located on the border of the Czech Republic and Austria on the E59 motorway at Hate 196, Chvalovice, this shopping center offers:

  • Convenient parking with a sufficient number of free spaces.
  • Products from more than two hundred world famous brands, including such monsters as Calvin Klein and Geox, Nike and Adidas, Puma and Pepe Jeans.
  • Long trading day starting at 10.00 and continuing until 21.00.
  • The opportunity to purchase not only shoes and clothes, but also perfumes, household goods, cosmetics, drinks and food.


  • Outlets of the Czech Republic
  • Outlets of the Czech Republic