Small towns of the Czech Republic - photos, list

Small towns in the Czech Republic

Small towns in the Czech Republic

The average Russian tourist usually travels to the Czech Republic for two reasons: to wander through charming Prague that has preserved its unique medieval flavor and to heal an organism exhausted by backbreaking office work in the healing springs of Karlovy Vary. But advanced travelers prefer to get to know any country, as they say, from the inside and go to small towns in the Czech Republic for this. A special provincial atmosphere reigns in them, and for the sake of it you can leave both the benefits of civilization and the capital's surroundings for a couple of days. In addition, each town has its own special sights and memorable places, which, even on a European scale, look quite solid and dignified..

"Most-most" is the title

Among small towns in the Czech Republic, there are several places where record-breaking sights are located. For example, in the town of Olomouc in Moravia, in addition to magnificent baroque squares and fountains in honor of the Roman gods, there is a Plague Pillar, the height of which is a record among all similar structures in Europe. Plague pillars were erected in the Old World in the Middle Ages in gratitude for getting rid of epidemics and were dedicated to the Virgin Mary. In small Olomouc, the Plague Column rises 35 meters, and at its base there is a chapel.
The tallest Gothic Czech temple stands not at all in Prague, but in the city of Pilsen. It is dedicated to St. Bartholomew and its construction began in the 13th century. The tower of the temple soared into the sky by 102 meters, and for those who love panoramic views, it is equipped with an observation deck.

According to the Czechs

The inhabitants of the country themselves are very fond of their history and enjoy traveling to small towns in the Czech Republic. In their opinion, the most beautiful city where you should definitely stop by is Kromeriz in Moravia. The main attraction is the exquisite landscape design of the gardens at the Archbishop's castle, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The parks and castle of Třebo are also on the list of must-see places for the Czechs themselves. In addition to the views of medieval fortresses, you can enjoy excellent carp dishes and decent beer from local breweries. Convinced teetotalers will love the mineral water of the healing Třebo springs.

Into a useful piggy bank

  • The bulk of small towns interesting for tourists in the Czech Republic are located in the south of the country. It is convenient to rent a car and drive around them all in a couple of days, since the distances here are very small.
  • A more budget-friendly way to travel by public transport is by bus. Trains are more expensive, and not all cities have railway stations.


  • Small towns in the Czech Republic
  • Small towns in the Czech Republic