Denmark airports - list of international airports in Denmark

Airports in Denmark

Airports in Denmark

Denmark is the smallest among other neighbors in Scandinavia. Its small territory contains many interesting sights and entertainment, thanks to which Denmark's airports are deservedly popular among travelers. The easiest way to get to Andersen's homeland is on the wings of Aeroflot and SAS, which schedule direct flights from Moscow to Copenhagen. Flight time will be just over two hours.

Denmark International Airports

Among Denmark's airports, only four have international status, but they are quite enough to provide air communication with the nearest European capitals and other major cities of the world:

  • Copenhagen's Kastrup Airport is the largest in the Scandinavian region. Scandinavian Airlines, Thomas Cook Airlines and Norwegian Air Shuttle are based here.
  • Denmark Airport, 2 km northeast of Billund, is popular with tourists with children. The city where the airport is located is famous for its Legoland amusement park. This air harbor is also the main one for those who live in the western part of Denmark - Air Berlin and AirBaltic, Air France and British Airways, Czech Airlines and KLM, Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines fly from here. Billund Airport offers its passengers seasonal charters to hot countries - to Sri Lanka, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Details are available on the website -
  • At 6 km from the city of Aalborg there is a small international airport in Denmark, from where you can fly to Riga, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Antalya, Istanbul, Barcelona and the Faroe Islands. Despite the small size of the air harbor, there are duty-free shops, cafes and restaurants for passengers. Additional information on the website -
  • The international airport 36 km from the city of Aarhus receives flights from Scandinavian Airlines from Copenhagen and Stockholm and British Airways from London, Gothenburg and Oslo. Transfer to the city is available by taxi and bus 925 route.

Metropolitan direction

Denmark's main international airport, Kastrup, and Copenhagen city center are just 8 km away. This air harbor serves more than 60 thousand people daily and operates with 60 scheduled airlines. In addition to flights of local air carriers, the schedule includes departures from all European airlines. Copenhagen offers direct flights to London and Paris, Rome and Milan, Brussels and Vienna, Prague and Frankfurt.
Transfer from the airport to the capital is possible:

  • By train. The station is located in the arrivals area of ​​Terminal 3. Trains go to Copenhagen Central Station, where you can change to trains to Malmö, Gothenburg, Kalmar and other Scandinavian cities.
  • Metro. The M2 line connects Kastrup Airport with the center of the Danish capital around the clock. The entrance to the metro is at Terminal 3, two levels above the train station.
  • By buses. Routes 5A, 35, 36 go to Copenhagen, and route 888 is for those who flew to Jutlandia amusement park.


  • Airports in Denmark
  • Airports in Denmark
  • Airports in Denmark