Capital of Denmark: map, photo. What is the capital in Denmark?

Copenhagen - the capital of Denmark

Copenhagen - the capital of Denmark

The capital of Denmark is a quiet European city where the heroes of Andersen's fairy tales and bright «gingerbread houses». Modern Copenhagen is simply overflowing with museums, but this does not in the least upset the city's residents, and even more so its guests.

Royal square

The main square of the city was built over 300 years ago and is located on 32 hectares. Kongens-Nytorv (this is the name of the square) was the beginning for 13 city streets. Many sights of the city are concentrated here, so it is best to start walking around the city from here and the first one to explore is Strøgeta Street..

The center of the square is decorated with a statue depicting King Christian V on a horse. It was at his request that Kongens-Nytorv was built..

Christiansborg castle

The castle is the official residence of the royal family and is located on the island of Slotsholmen, which is separated from ordinary city life by several water channels.

The history of Christiansborg goes back more than 8 centuries. It survived several major fires, after which it was rebuilt again. The castle got its modern look after another fire in 1884, when the building was restored once again. Most of the palace premises are given to the Danish Parliament and the Supreme Court, and the remaining rooms are the personal apartments of the royal family..

The neo-baroque castle building was designed by Thorvald Jorgensen. He used reinforced concrete as the main material, but the facade of the palace is made of granite. Granite blocks for its decoration were collected throughout the country and even imported from Greenland. The throne and ceremonial halls of the palace are open to guests.

Tivoli park

Tivoli is one of the largest amusement parks in all of Europe and surprises not only with its size, but also with attractions. Here you can ride both the most ordinary and tickle your nerves on a completely amazing swing.

The park receives an incredible number of visitors - 3 million people a year. In the evening, it is especially beautiful in the light of bright lights. At midnight, a grandiose fireworks display is traditionally held here.

Fountain Gefion

Another of the attractions of the capital. The installation of the fountain was timed to coincide with a round date - the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Carlsberg brewery. It was supposed to decorate the main square of the city, but for some reason Gefion was installed near Kastellet.

The creation of the fountain took place between 1897 and 1899. Then it took several more years to complete the decoration of the pool and in 1908 the fountain started working..


  • Copenhagen - the capital of Denmark
  • Copenhagen - the capital of Denmark
  • Copenhagen - the capital of Denmark