Bus tours to Denmark. The cost of bus tours in Denmark 2016

Bus tours to Denmark

Bus tours to Denmark

Vacation is a joy for most working people. After all, at this time you can properly rest, put your body and mind in order, learn something new. Many people prefer to spend their vacation not in their city, and some - not even in their own country, motivating this with new sensations and impressions.

Modern technologies allow a person to get to the desired place by plane in a matter of hours. However, bus tours are becoming more and more popular. There are reasons for this:

  • Firstly, it is a cheaper type of travel than air travel..
  • Secondly, traveling by bus, you can see not only the city that is the purpose of the trip, but also many places on the way to it..

Modern buses are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable ride. You can relax and sleep in them, all modern buses are equipped with special toilets..

However, the question arises: where can you go by bus, except for the cities of Russia? The answer is very simple: Europe. Almost all of its countries are within reach of land transport. Tourists are especially interested in the states located in Northern Europe, in particular - in Denmark..

By bus to Denmark

Denmark is truly an amazing country. Despite its very small territory, it attracts more and more tourists every year. Its capital, Copenhagen, is often compared to Venice: beautiful streets, buildings that have preserved their historical appearance, a landscape indented by hundreds of canals and magnificent bridges. Others, smaller towns, are famous for their traditions and ways, architectural monuments and a calm, measured life. It is the bus tours to Denmark that allow you to see the whole country, having passed just a few towns.

To travel to Denmark, there are two options:

  • Order a voucher at a travel agency. With the help of experienced specialists, any tourist will be able to draw up a travel plan himself or select existing tours.
  • Travel to Denmark on your own. Of course, for this you have to work a little: get a passport, a visa, buy a bus ticket and have time to learn or repeat English in order not to get lost in the terrain.

Be that as it may, about 80% of tourists to travel to Denmark choose the bus as a transport, from the windows of which the incredibly beautiful world of this European country opens up for them..

It is also worth noting that some travel agencies do not warn potential travelers on the bus that there may be «to rock». Fortunately, in any pharmacy you can buy completely harmless products that calm the nervous and digestive systems. In other words, with the right medication, motion sickness while riding will not bother you. However, it is still not recommended to travel by bus with small children.

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