Features of Ecuador - communication, cuisine, traditions

Features of Ecuador

Features of Ecuador

Divers, lovers of exotic countries and just curious tourists who want to see the variety of local national parks and lie on the Pacific coast usually come here. It is better to find out in advance all the national characteristics of Ecuador, so that the rest would be calm and without surprises..

National characteristics

It is immediately striking how slow the Ecuadorians are. Even the influence of energetic Spaniards could not defeat this national trait. They are also very hospitable, and this is also a certain tradition. Everyone here is very polite and often Ecuadorians greet even strangers. It is better to come to visit with a gift, and you can give it to any family member.

You need to seriously try to offend the Ecuadorian, although this is a very proud people. Because of their leisurely lifestyle, the locals are very unpunctual. This trait is inherent in almost all Ecuadorians, and it should also be borne in mind that any claims in this regard will be regarded as disrespect.

Another national feature of this people is the ability to bargain. Prices are specially overpriced for this kind of entertainment..

Family and godparents are very important for an Ecuadorian. Elders are highly respected here, and as for the relationship between the godson and his godparents, the close relationship between them is milked all their lives. It is customary to go to godparents for advice, support, do business together, and much more..

Travel tips:

  • you need to constantly monitor your belongings, as theft is rampant in Ecuador;
  • you should always carry your documents with you;
  • it is better not to photograph local residents without their consent.


There is a lot of Indian and Spanish flavor in the local cuisine. The main dishes are soups and stews, as well as rice. In addition, there are a lot of cereal and vegetable dishes. Soups add interesting ingredients such as avocado, cheese or fried veal hooves. Of the meat, pork and beef are most consumed here, and the meat of guinea pigs, which in most countries are considered pets, is quite easy to eat. Tacos, popcorn, or bananas are often served as a side dish..

Of course, Ecuadorian cuisine is not complete without seafood, which is also added to various dishes here. There is a lot of fresh fruit, but the coffee is not of very good quality. And this is despite the fact that the country is engaged in its export. They also drink a lot of herbal tea, rum and beer..


  • Features of Ecuador
  • Features of Ecuador
  • Features of Ecuador