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Ecuadorian traditions

Ecuadorian traditions

The name of this country speaks for itself - the Republic of Ecuador is located at the equator, and it is here that you can be in two hemispheres at once, with one foot to the north and the other to the south of the geographical landmark. But this is not the only reason why travelers storm the local spaces every year. The culture, cuisine and traditions of Ecuador are of no less interest to tourists than the natural beauty or the fabulous Galapagos Islands.

From the kingdom of Kitu

Ancient Indian tribes living in the territory of modern Ecuador once built a powerful empire called the kingdom of Kitu. Then it was subjugated to the Incas and Spanish conquistadors, as a result of which a unique culture arose - diverse, variegated and unusual. Ecuadorian traditions are those of the Quechua Indians, mixed with Spanish religious dogmas and adapted to live in a multiethnic and class society. Part of the ancient culture was lost without a trace, but much of the present Ecuadorians managed to preserve both for themselves and for posterity..

You are my godfather

One of the main family traditions in Ecuador is the appointment of the godparents of a newborn. The godparents here participate in the upbringing and maturation of their ward, help both financially and morally, and support the godson throughout his life. This tradition even helps build a career and promote a business..
Family for an Ecuadorian is the most important asset. Children are loved here, old people are respected, and women are treated with respect and care. The youngest son or daughter, according to the tradition of Ecuador, is obliged to take parents who have become infirm to their home, and therefore there are almost no nursing homes or lonely old people in the country..

Useful little things

  • Ecuadorians, unlike other Latin Americans, are punctual enough, and therefore, having received an invitation to visit, do not be late! A small souvenir or flowers for the mistress of the house will be very useful both at a reception and at friendly gatherings..
  • Smoking in public places is allowed in the country, but the open consumption of alcoholic beverages on the street is considered not very good form.
  • Ecuadorians are polite and reserved, calm and reasonable. It is not customary to talk about material wealth here, but questions about family and children can be asked.
  • Ecuadorian traditions dictate asking permission from locals before photographing them..


  • Ecuadorian traditions
  • Ecuadorian traditions
  • Ecuadorian traditions