Holidays in Egypt in August: prices and weather. Where to relax in Egypt in August

Holidays in Egypt in August

Holidays in Egypt in August

Only a lazy person or a native of Cairo, who probably would like to find a more peaceful place to take a break from the tourist invasion, does not dream of spending a vacation in this country. The guests of the country are not afraid of the high temperature in the summer months, neither the sandstorms, nor the predatory sharks that have come to love the coastal Egyptian territories. Holidays in Egypt in July will be, as always, at their best, if you are not afraid of the heat, find the right excursion routes, have time to sunbathe, swim with scuba diving and do much more..


Finding even one difference between the Egyptian weather in July and August is almost impossible. And this is understood by tourists who have only one hope for hotels, air conditioning and the right choice of a place for their future rest. Experts advise to pay attention to Alexandria, which is close to Europe in climatic conditions and has many attractions.

Although it is difficult to choose the time to visit them, since the morning and evening hours of vacationers spend on the beach, enjoying a comfortable temperature, which by noon will soar to the frightening + 33 ° C, and the temperature of the water surface is not much lagging behind. The only group that is absolutely not afraid of the heat is divers. They know where to find coolness and eye-candy..

Egyptian diving

This country, which has access to two seas at once, could not help but use such gorgeous opportunities. There are enough places for diving, as well as training centers. The best dive sites are found at St. John's Reef, numerous islands and the Sinai Peninsula..

The underwater world at St. John's Reef, near Sudan, is fantastic. Thickets of coral forests, many inhabitants of the seabed, including tuna, sharks, turtles, and, with some luck, hammerfish.

Blue hole

Another iconic place for every guest of the country is the Blue Hole. This amazing site is located near Dahab and is on the list of the ten most luxurious diving spots..

But there are some difficulties, this is one of the most dangerous places for diving. Therefore, beginners have nothing to do here, they still have to train and train in shallow water. But those who have already passed more than one sea and made more than one hundred underwater journeys should take the risk. The spectacle of the deep sea will be remembered for a long time.

Egyptian shopping

Without this, no tourist can leave the country. Scented oils, loincloths, jewelry. Hookah and Egyptian sweets will delight men. Souvenir, equally pleasing to the female and male halves, papyrus.

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  • Holidays in Egypt in August
  • Holidays in Egypt in August