Holidays in Egypt in October: prices and weather. Where to relax in Egypt in October

Holidays in Egypt in October

Holidays in Egypt in October

The list of the main attractions of this North African country may take more than one volume of a tourist guide. Everyone who has already bought a ticket to Egypt and is going to enjoy the sun, sea, history, culture, in general, everything is well aware of this. Holidays in Egypt in October will satisfy almost all the desires of a tourist, and, in addition, will leave pleasant memories and a huge number of photos..

Weather in Egypt in October

This time is favorable for the rest of both an adult tourist, and a child, and an elderly person. The water temperature remains at the September level, + 26-27 ° C, the air now warms up to only +28 ° C. Sunny days continue to delight.

The main pyramid of the country

The traveler in Egypt has a wide variety of attractions. But in different lists, the first positions will be occupied by the famous pyramids, and the largest of them is associated with the name of Pharaoh Cheops. Until now, scientists are struggling with riddles that were left by ancient architects, and tourists are trying not to rack their brains, but simply to admire a never before seen spectacle..

The pyramids are located in the Cairo region of Giza, besides them there are other historical monuments, for example, the temple of the dead, small pyramids, in which the wives of the pharaohs and high officials were previously buried. Tourists are very fond of shooting against the backdrop of majestic structures. On many photographs in the albums of tourists you can see the Great Sphinx.

Egyptians are trying to diversify tourist leisure. The light and music show, which has recently begun to be held at the pyramids, attracts crowds of tourists.

Army day

The most famous army in Egypt is the service workers working in resorts, hotels and beaches, museums and spas. The learning process is very serious, the actions are brought to automatism. The goal is to conquer the hearts of vacationers.

But on October 6, this country hosts festive events dedicated to the Day of the Egyptian Army, which helped in the struggle for independence. Now the inhabitants of this country are ready to obey only guests who come here for exclusively peaceful purposes..

Egyptian new year

The Egyptians begin preparations for the solemn celebration of the New Year in the Hijri long, and the date will have to be calculated. The main thing is to wait for the holy month, called Muharram, its first day is the most important. Muslim tourists will be able to join the celebration and feel all its solemnity. The rest will get acquainted with traditions and customs..

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  • Holidays in Egypt in October
  • Holidays in Egypt in October