Where to eat in Narva - inexpensive and tasty

Where to eat in Narva?

Where to eat in Narva?

“Where to eat in Narva?” Is a topical question for travelers coming to rest in this Estonian city. To services of visitors - numerous snack bars, cafes, bars and restaurants. In institutions with national cuisine, it is worth trying blood sausage, stuffed eggs, liver pate, mulgikapsas (stew of pork, sauerkraut and barley), herring with sour cream, suitsukala (smoked trout), berry soup.

Where to eat in Narva cheap?

For an inexpensive snack, you should go to the Pappa Pizza cafe (Petrovskaya square) or Pizza & Kebab (Pushkin street). You can have a budget meal at the McDonalds Chinese restaurant and fast food restaurant. You can eat relatively inexpensively by visiting the Old Trafford restaurant: borscht in a pot costs 4 euros here, pancakes - 3.2 euros, cakes - 2.5-4.5 euros.

Where to eat delicious in Narva?

  • Salvatore: In this restaurant you can enjoy smoked halibut with citrus salad, fried goose liver with apple brandy sauce, pancakes with smoked salmon and red caviar, raw beef with parmesan cheese, sole fried with basil and tomatoes. In addition, you can order sandwiches, risottos and a variety of desserts here. This place will delight coffee lovers - it serves not only latte and espresso, but also Irish, Greek, French, Mexican, coffee with liqueur “Baileys” or Vana Tallinn. If you wish, you can come here for a tasting evening, during which they will tell you about the history of winemaking and the rules for choosing wines, as well as offer to taste various types of wines.
  • King: This restaurant serves Estonian and international cuisine. On the menu you will find assorted meat (ham, pork, tongue, smoked chicken fillet) and fish (halibut, lamprey, Chilean toothfish, trout), cheese soup with shrimps, pork shashlik, Sancho Panza (baked pork with eggplant), steak from beef, hot raspberries with ice cream, Deluxe (chocolate cake with chocolate sauce). In addition, the institution will delight you with the presence of live music..
  • Castell: while relaxing in this restaurant, you can admire the Narva River and the Ivangorod Fortress (a colorful view opens from here). The menu of this institution (there is a children's menu, live music) is dominated by a variety of delicious game dishes.
  • Rondel: this restaurant, located on the territory of the castle, offers its guests to order grilled meats, sandwiches and a variety of salads.

Gastronomic excursions in Narva

On a gastronomic tour of Narva, you will stroll around the city and visit authentic establishments where you can treat yourself to national Estonian cuisine.

If you wish, you can visit the city during the Lamprey Festival - you can visit a fish fair, buy fresh, pickled, dried fish, see how lampreys are caught (for this you should go to the pier), take part in competitions for children and adults, see performances by creative teams.

On vacation in Narva, you can see the Narva Fortress and bastions, as well as taste nutritious, delicious Estonian dishes from fish, meat, vegetables, bread.


  • Where to eat in Narva?
  • Where to eat in Narva?
  • Where to eat in Narva?