Trains of Europe. Train tickets in Europe

Europe trains

Europe trains

Traveling in Europe is very convenient by train. Rail transport provides a more comfortable travel for tourists than a bus. A large number of trains of various types travel across European countries. The terms and service are different. There are night and day trains in Europe..

Features of the European railway

Day trains are equipped with seats. There are no guides in them, and conductors monitor the embarkation and disembarkation of people. The carriages on trains are divided into first and second class. The division into smoking and non-smoking compartments is also used. Smoking is prohibited in corridors, vestibules and bathrooms. A passenger can purchase a single trip ticket or a travel ticket without booking a specific seat. To take a comfortable seat, you can book it by paying a few euros. Seat reservations are mandatory on many TGV trains.

Day trains in Europe are divided into high-speed, fast, regional and suburban. Each country has its own railway network and its own rules for the carriage of passengers. The railways of different states are linked into a common system. Using the map of railways, a tourist can independently draw up a trip plan. For long-distance travel in Europe, high-speed trains are used, which are distinguished by an increased level of comfort and lack of noise.

Ticket prices

Standard train tickets in Europe are quite expensive. The ticket price is calculated taking into account tariff zones and mileage. The rate of growth in value decreases in proportion to the distance. A standard ticket can be returned to the box office if required. The short trip ticket is valid for several days. If the trip is long, then the ticket is valid for about a month or longer.

Train timetables in Europe can be found on the Internet, for example, on the website,, etc. Different timetables are based on the same database. The schedule is sent to the network three months before the trip. Changes in the schedule take place in early summer and early December. In many European countries, prices for railway transportation are reduced with the help of discounts. Pension and youth discounts are very popular, which can reduce the cost by 30% or more. There are also excursion discounts for round trips.

To travel around Europe by train, you do not have to buy tickets for all interesting destinations at once. It is enough to purchase them online, changing the route at your discretion. It is better to make a reservation in advance if you need a certain seat in the compartment. You can take a seat in the sitting carriage right before the train leaves.


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