Diving in Fiji - places for diving, photos

Diving in Fiji

Diving in Fiji has long been one of the top ten best dive sites on the planet. And this fact is not at all surprising. Warm blue water with excellent visibility and a unique underwater world - isn't that what every diver dreams of? The waters of Fiji offer just a huge amount of colorful corals of all varieties. And in terms of the number of coral fish, they have long left behind all the most famous diving sites..

Vanua Levu Island

There are some interesting dive sites here. And the most popular was the Dreamhouse Reef, which is located in the waters of Savusavu Bay. When diving, you can admire a huge number of corals and sea sponges of all stripes.

In the Somosomo Strait, you can dive along the sheer wall called the Great White Wall. Such an unusual name was given to it by the numerous corals that cover it with an almost continuous carpet. Against the background of white corals, green, orange and red bushes are located in bright multi-colored splashes.

Taveuni island

Divers will also be able to dive into depths by diving along the sheer walls of Shark Ellie and Magic Mountain, the area's most famous dive sites. A huge number of bright tropical fish live in the crevices of the underwater rocks. But meetings with barracudas, huge rays and reef sharks are not excluded..

The island's next dive site is Woon's Reef. It is home to myriads of parrotfish, triggerfish and surgeon fish. Reinbow Reef is in no way inferior to him in brightness. The inhabitants of the Paradise Reef can be observed directly from the marina.

Kandavu Island

These are the most interesting places from the point of view of divers. The coral reefs on its southern side are just perfect. The Astrolabe Reef is especially popular. Soft coral gardens seem to bloom in streams of underwater currents.

Rangiroa Island

It is surrounded by a pair of deep straits - Tiputa and Avantaru, which are excellent diving spots. Luxurious coral gardens with numerous inhabitants, among which there are a lot of barracudas, will appeal even to diving gourmets. Not uncommon here and meeting with hammerhead shark and gray reef sharks.

Bora Bora Atoll

Favorite place for photographers. The atoll itself seems to be located inside a coral bank. For beginner divers, diving is provided inside the lagoon. The outer wall of the can is exclusively for the pros. It goes very steeply to a ten-meter depth and turns into a flat rocky plateau. It ends with a sharp cliff, the bottom of which is impossible to see. Particularly interesting will be the underwater grottoes located at a depth of 45 meters.