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Tours to Marseille

Tours to Marseille

It always smells of the sea and fresh fish, seagulls scream at each other on the piers, and restaurants serve the best bouillabaisse in the world, in which there is not a drop of falsehood. It was proclaimed the cultural capital of Europe, the asteroid was named in honor of it and the country's anthem was named, it was and remains the largest port of the Old World - beautiful and so different Marseille. Going to France, advanced tourists know that their unquenchable thirst for changing places will be a little satiated with Paris alone. It is a tour to Marseille that can become the most vivid and unforgettable experience in the country of lavender and haute couture.

History with geography

With the appearance of Marseilles on the world map, a beautiful legend is connected about the love of the king's daughter and a simple Greek. It was the Phocaean Greek tribes who founded the city six centuries BC. Called Massalia, it gradually became a thriving port and successfully traded with many Mediterranean states. The Crusades significantly strengthened the role of Marseilles, which became part of the kingdom in the 15th century..
A large port is located in the south of France on several coastal hills. Its shores are indented by rocky bays and quiet beaches, where you can go diving and rock climbing, yachting and just sunbathe for your pleasure..

Briefly about the important

  • In the summer season, charter flights fly from Moscow to Marseille, and in the rest of the months you can get here by domestic flight from Paris or internationally from other European capitals. Participants of the Marseille tours arrive at the southern port and by electric trains from the Paris airport. Travel time - 3.5 hours.
  • The climate in the city is classic Mediterranean. Mild winters sometimes please with short-term snow, but generally the weather does not allow a strong drop in temperature. For January, +10 is typical, and for July - +35 is also not uncommon. The most pleasant time for tours to Marseille is April-May and October, when the warm weather allows you to walk in comfort, and precipitation will not interfere with the implementation of the plan.
  • More than two dozen metro stations in Marseille are located in close proximity to the city's main attractions. Bus routes are no less popular among townspeople and residents..
  • Fans of folk holidays and festivals can time their tours to Marseille with any of them. In September, the Festival of Contemporary Dance takes place, followed by the "Southern Fiesta" and "Bazaar". In April, spectators enjoy concerts as part of the Holy Music festival, and in July, competitions on the water.


  • Tours to Marseille
  • Tours to Marseille