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Disneyland in Paris

Disneyland in Paris

This entertainment complex in the town of Marne-la-Valais, 32 km east of the French capital, was opened in the spring of 1992 and immediately became a favorite vacation spot not only for local residents, but also for numerous foreign tourists. Today Disneyland in Paris is visited by more than 12 million people annually, and the area occupied by it is almost two thousand hectares..

On the main road

The center of the amusement park, as in other world Disneylands, is the Sleeping Beauty Castle. The main street leads from the park gate, where souvenir shops and numerous restaurants are concentrated. Its entourage accurately conveys the atmosphere of an old American city of the early twentieth century and is very reminiscent of the homeland of Walt Disney in Missouri.

Five petals

There are five theme parks around the Sleeping Beauty Castle, in each of which not only children, but also adults find entertainment to their liking:

  • Adventureland is a meeting with your favorite characters from films about pirates of the Caribbean and Indiana Jones. There is Robinson's hideout, ships under black sails and a house on the branches of trees..
  • Frontier Country has a Wild West vibe with cowboys, Indians, paddle steamers and even ghosts.
  • The main road becomes the venue for the Disney parade and nightly light show, while world-famous fireworks erupt over the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Here you can not only dine or go shopping, but also visit a hairdresser or ride a real oldtimer - an old car with a horn.
  • A fantastic future has been built in the Land of Discovery. The author of many ideas was the immortal Jules Verne, in whose novels submarines and interplanetary flying vehicles were present decades ago.
  • For the smallest, Disneyland in Paris built a Fantasy Land with dragons and beautiful fairies, the boy Pinocchio and the girl Alice. Attractions and colorful performances will also appeal to older children, because fairy tales are read and loved by children of all ages.

Useful little things

You can get to Disneyland in Paris directly from the airport. Regular shuttle buses run from Charles de Gaulle and Orly to the amusement park. From the center of the French capital in just half an hour, the express metro line delivers visitors.
Disneyland Paris is open all year round. In July-August, its doors open at 9 am, and the attractions are open until 11 pm. During the rest of the year, the park is available from 10 am to 6 pm on weekdays and from 9 am to 8 pm on weekends..


  • Disneyland in Paris
  • Disneyland in Paris