Flag of French Polynesia: photos, history, meaning of the colors of the state flag of French Polynesia

Flag of French Polynesia

Flag of French Polynesia

The official state flag of the overseas community of French Polynesia has been the flag of France since 1880. In 1984, a regional flag was approved, which is displayed at all events and government agencies along with the French.

Description and proportions of the flag of French Polynesia

The flag of French Polynesia is a rectangular cloth divided horizontally into three parts. The outermost upper and lower stripes are colored red and have a width equal to a quarter of the width of the entire flag each. The middle field is white, and its width is twice that of the red stripes. In the center of the rectangle, within the white stripe, the coat of arms of French Polynesia is applied.
It is a circular emblem whose main motif is a stylized image of a Polynesian canoe with a red sail. It houses five dark brown men that are reminiscent of the five archipelagos in the overseas community. The golden rays of the rising sun are depicted behind the canoe. It serves as the source of life on the islands and allows for the cultivation of crops. The boat sails along the blue waves, symbolizing the Pacific Ocean, in the waters of which the state of French Polynesia is located.

History of the flag of French Polynesia

Since the establishment of the protectorate of France in 1842, the islands of French Polynesia have remained the overseas possession of this European state. In 1880 the archipelagos became colonies, and in 1946 they became overseas territories. During this period of time, the French vertical blue-white-red tricolor was always considered the official flag of French Polynesia..
In November 1984, French Polynesia's own flag was designed and adopted. The basis of the cloth was the flag of the largest island in the archipelago system - Tahiti.
Each archipelago within French Polynesia has its own flag. In Tahiti, it coincides with the flag of French Polynesia, and the only difference is that there is no emblem on the Tahiti cloth.
The flag of the Gambier Islands has a blue horizontal stripe on a white background and five five-pointed stars in the corners and in the center of the cloth..
The flag of Tuamotu is blue-red-white, and the flag of the Marquesas Islands, divided horizontally into yellow and red fields, depicts a Polynesian mask inscribed in a white triangle.

Photos of the flag of French Polynesia

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