Holidays in Germany are traditions. National holidays in Germany

Holidays in Germany

Holidays in Germany

Holidays in Germany are a huge number of significant dates, the celebration of which has its own history and traditions (some of them are important religious holidays).

Major holidays and festivals in Germany

  • New Year: Germans celebrate this holiday cheerfully and noisily (songs, dances, fireworks) in restaurants, bars, discos or balls. On the New Year's table, as a rule, they put baked carp, various pies, cheese and meat snacks, beer, champagne, punch.
  • Berlin Film Festival (February): Art, glamor, parties, world premieres are essential attributes of this event. Within the framework of the festival program, the audience is shown about 400 full and short films, which are the works of directors from different countries. In terms of prizes, the main prize is “Golden bear” (for the best feature film). In addition, prizes are provided for winning the nominations “Best Actor”, “Best Director”, “Best Film Debut” and others.
  • Carnival (Fashing): This week-long celebration takes place 46 days before Easter. On the first day of the holiday, women enjoy special privileges - they can do whatever they want without any consequences: cut off their boss's tie or undress a man and escort him out in this form ... In the next 2 days, the Germans eat off in a straight line sense of the word. On days 4-6, carnival processions are organized - it is customary to walk along the streets in bright or clownish costumes. Well, on the seventh day, the fun ends and strict fasting begins..
  • Unity Day (October 3): This day celebrates the reunification of East and West Germany through the organization of rallies at which festive political speeches are given.
  • Festival “Cologne lights” (mid-July): Enjoy a colorful show and fireworks accompanied by orchestral music from the decks of pleasure boats or ships. In addition, on the day of the festival, concerts are organized with the participation of world stars..

Event tourism in Germany

If you come to Germany in December, be sure to visit the Christmas markets, where shows are held every day. On December 31, it is worth going to Berlin - everyone here participates in the New Year's pancake race, and in the evening many gather at the Brandenburg Gate (in honor of the New Year, fireworks are launched over them).

Another reason to come to Germany is to attend beer festivals. For example, at a festival “Oktoberfest” (3rd Saturday of September) in Munich you can taste beer (for all wishing men, a competition is organized, the winner of which is the one who quickly empties a liter mug of beer), pork sausages, fried chicken, see performances of musical groups, together with the crowd go into dance.

There are a lot of folk holidays in Germany, and many of them are celebrated not on a national scale, but only on the territory of certain federal states, therefore, if you wish, you can visit various festivals.


  • Holidays in Germany
  • Holidays in Germany
  • Holidays in Germany