Tax free in Germany. Tax-free refund principle in Germany

Tax free in Germany

Tax free in Germany

If you come to Germany from a country that is not part of the European Union, you can shop at prices excluding VAT. In most stores, regardless of the size of the city in Germany, documents can be processed for a subsequent VAT refund. This procedure will require a minimum of time, but as a result, you can save 10-15% of the cost of goods.

Who can buy tax-free goods

  • Non-resident of Germany who is willing to present proof of identity. Citizenship is not important, but place of residence plays a role.
  • People who do not have a residence permit in the country for more than three months. A long-term visa of category C allows tourists to stay in the EU for no more than ninety days in half a year, so its availability also allows VAT refunds.
  • The export of goods is carried out for three months. At the same time, you independently handle the export and use your luggage for this. Thus, things cannot be sent by mail..
  • The buyer makes a purchase in the amount of 25 euros or more in one check, when buying food - from 50 euros.

Please note that tax-free does not apply to services provided, purchase of equipment for a personal vehicle, as well as fuel and engine oil.

How is the purchase of goods for tax-free carried out?

It is very easy to use tax-free in Germany. You will first need to pay the full price of the item. Please note that when paying in cash, VAT can be refunded in cash, but the amount of purchases should not exceed 3000 euros. If you spent more than 3000 euros during shopping, VAT can be refunded only by non-cash method..

Pay attention to the Tax-free Global refunt system logo, which should be at the entrance to the store. If this logo is missing, you can ask the seller a question of interest. After that, the seller fills out a document allowing the VAT refund. At customs, when you leave Germany, you will need to present the goods, confirming the fact of export.

Tax-free can be used by reimbursing funds by bank transfer on a pre-issued receipt, which is an export certificate, or in cooperation with specialized companies at borders, at airports. Refunds can also be made at home, but for this you need to contact an authorized bank. Remember that customs do not refund VAT.


  • Tax free in Germany
  • Tax free in Germany
  • Tax free in Germany