Features of Greece - communication, cuisine, traditions

Features of Greece

Features of Greece

Each country has rules, foundations and customs that have developed over the years. And the national characteristics of Greece are traditions that have passed through the centuries..

Greece is a country saturated with a special atmosphere and warmth. The warmth of the Greeks. Residents of Greece can retire to nature and are able to maintain the rhythm of the night life. This incompatible combination of habits is characteristic of many of the indigenous people of this country..

There is only one life. You need to live it brightly!

If the Greeks are having fun, then it is appropriate today. The people of Greece are used to living one day. Today is good for the holiday and tomorrow is for work. This is how they live. There is nothing shameful in the fact that a Greek can skip a monthly salary in a day, the residents will not see it. Today we took a walk, and tomorrow we will think about how to live on. But the party was great! This is the main thing.

All Greeks want to be rich without the inclination to save money. They'd rather buy another expensive car or apartment. But more prestigious is the opportunity to arrange merry parties. This is the main sign of a person's wealth in Greece. Very often Greeks say that family values ​​are in second place. First - the desire to be rich.

What will the Greeks surprise?

This people is very unusual. The Greeks have an interesting personality, which they are not ashamed to show as they are..

  • In the character of the Greeks, sentimentality and a bright hot temperament are surprisingly well combined..
  • Disagreement and agreement are expressed in almost the same way. Our usual nod from top to bottom - yes, from bottom to top - firm no.
  • Every native resident of Greece must know how folk dances are danced. If they don't know how to dance, then they should know the basic movements.
  • Greeks have a lot of respect for ... barrel organ! They can serve as home decoration and are rarely used for their intended purpose..
  • The Greeks consider themselves to be forever young. Do not be surprised if you suddenly see how an elderly Greek begins to dance a fiery dance along with young people..

The people of Greece are religious. Religious holidays are of great importance in their lives. It's Christmas and Easter. The indigenous Greeks can arrange a memorial event for a deceased person ... with dancing. But this is not even a dance, but ritual movements expressing grief and sadness. In other countries, dance is a guarantee of fun and good mood. Greeks are unusual in everything, this should be understood.


  • Features of Greece
  • Features of Greece
  • Features of Greece