Capital of Honduras: map, photo. What is the capital city in Honduras?

Tegucigalpa - the capital of Honduras

Tegucigalpa - the capital of Honduras

The countries of Latin America often surprise with the names of their cities, towns, monuments. It is impossible for a European to remember them the first time. The capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa, is from the same number. The name of the main city, translated from the language of local Indians, sounds very beautiful - «Silver Hills». Scientists put forward other versions of the origin of the name of the capital..

Geographical position

Tegucigalpa occupies an interesting position on the map of the country, city quarters are located in flat areas - I mean the Comayagua plateau, and in mountainous areas (El Picacho). The territory is characterized by a favorable climate, in the city there is always an influx of fresh air, winds blow. Pine forests growing on the mountain slopes also give coolness..

Through the pages of history

Historians claim that they know the exact date of the foundation of the future capital of Honduras - September 29, 1578. Although in fact, people have settled in these places for a long time, and long before the appearance of Europeans, ancient Indian tribes lived in these territories.

The first name of the city was even longer than the modern one, it consisted of several words. Moreover, the settlement did not at all claim the status of the capital. Trujillo was officially considered the main city. Then the authorities tried to move the capital to Gracias, Tegucigalpa, Comayagua. And only in 1880 the search for a better place for the capital ended. But even before the 60s of the last century, Tegucigalpa resembled one of the many provincial towns of Honduras, until there was a union with Comayagua. Currently, the city continues to actively develop.

Walking street and other pleasures

The pedestrian street is a favorite walking place for citizens and guests of the capital. Thousands of small shops, bars and restaurants allow you to have fun and interesting time, take many souvenir photos and get a bunch of souvenirs for the relatives who have remained at home.

Not far from this street is the Herrera Park - cozy and green, inviting you to take a break from the bustling city and people, enjoy the beautiful landscapes, gain strength for further walks around Tegucigalpa.

Thematic excursions introduce you to the interesting architectural structures of the capital, churches and cathedrals, villas and mansions. The president of the country used to live in one of them, and now houses the National Museum, the expositions of which will tell about the distant past, today's life of Honduras and its capital..


  • Tegucigalpa - the capital of Honduras
  • Tegucigalpa - the capital of Honduras