Coat of arms of Honduras: photo, meaning, description

Coat of arms of Honduras

Coat of arms of Honduras

The coat of arms of Honduras is the most important, along with the flag and anthem, the state symbol of the country and has an interesting interpretation and history..

Description of the coat of arms

The coat of arms has the following basic heraldic symbols:

  • In the center is an equilateral triangle.
  • At the base of the figure is a pyramid with a volcano surrounded by two castles. These castles have a rainbow.
  • The sun rises behind the volcano and castles and scatters its light around.
  • All these figures are framed by the inscription: «Republic of Honduras, free, sovereign and independent. September 15, 1821». The inscription is made with letters of golden color.
  • The whole composition is completed by a cornucopia, as well as arrows located between trees and limestone cliffs. In the center of the composition is the Masonic eye.

Meaning of symbols

First of all, a triangle is interesting in the coat of arms, and even an equilateral one. It symbolizes two oceans - the Pacific and the Atlantic. But there are few states on the planet, washed simultaneously by two huge oceans.

The pyramid is considered by heraldists as a reminder of the capital of the Mayan tribe - Copan. There are pyramids here to this day. A volcano is a sign that almost the entire territory of the country is covered with volcanoes, most of which are extinct.

Two towers (castles) - are located on either side of the triangle and indicate that the country has two oceans. The triangle symbolizes the same. The fact that there is a triangle on the water means that the country has access to two oceans..

The arrows are nothing more than a symbol of the unity of the nation of Honduras. The text stands for the independence and sovereignty of Honduras. Pines, oak are the national trees of the country, as well as a reminder that a significant part of it is covered with forests..

The coat of arms also has crossed hammers, adit entrances, cliffs. Hammers are a symbol of the mining industry. The same applies to hammers and an ingot of metal. The adit is a symbol of mining. Cliff - mention that limestone is mined in the country.

History of the coat of arms

The coat of arms was finally established in 1825. The history of the creation of this symbol is associated with the country's gaining independence. The design of the coat of arms is associated with the desire of the people of the country for unity, and also symbolizes the national liberation struggle. The coat of arms also reminds of the pre-Columbian past of the country and the fact that Mayan tribes once lived on its territory..


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