Coat of arms of Hong Kong: photo, meaning, description

Coat of arms of hong kong

Coat of arms of hong kong

The coat of arms of Hong Kong should probably be considered an emblem, because this administrative-territorial entity, in fact, is not an independent independent state. Hong Kong is part of the People's Republic of China, and as a Special Administrative Region. And the official symbol looks like an emblem (trademark), since it has a simple composition and a rounded shape..

Emblem and flag

The authors of the so-called regional coat of arms of Hong Kong did not think too much in the process of working on the sketch. Rather, they first developed a regional flag, its color palette. Then it was decided that the central elements of the flag would become the emblem of Hong Kong. Thus, to depict the main official symbol in Hong Kong, two colors are used - red (heraldic scarlet) and white, which corresponds to silver in heraldry..

The emblem has a rounded shape in red, a white stripe runs along the contour, on which the official name of this territory is written in two languages: in English, whose colony was Hong Kong for a long time; in Chinese, since Hong Kong is now part of the PRC.

In the center of the Hong Kong emblem is an artistically drawn, snow-white bauhinia flower. It has five petals, red stars are traced inside each petal..

Description of the colonial coat of arms of Hong Kong

The modern official symbol of this region reminds us that Hong Kong, on the one hand, is not an independent state, on the other hand, it shows the special position of the territories within China..

In 1959 - 1997 in Hong Kong, a colonial coat of arms was used, which clearly made it clear who was in charge of this union. The emblem was designed in the spirit of European heraldry traditions. It consisted of a shield, support holders, a base, a ribbon with an inscription, a windbreak and an element crowning the coat of arms..

The shield featured junks, traditional Chinese flotation devices, and a sea crown. The role of supporters was played by animals - the famous English lion and the eastern dragon. Another lion was located above the shield and was depicted with a pearl in his hands. The lion is the personification of the British colonial system, the pearl is the symbol of Hong Kong. Thus, the importance of these territories for foggy Albion was emphasized..


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