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Hong Kong Tourism

Hong Kong Tourism

China occupies vast territories in the Asian part of the continent and has a huge tourism potential. But there are special regions in this country that are the most attractive for travelers..

The dream of many is tourism in Hong Kong, a special administrative region of the great country. It consists of the island of the same name, the mainland, and more than two hundred islets in the South China Sea..

Gifts from Hong Kong

Shopping in this area of ​​China is one of the favorite activities of tourists, it is even ranked among the local attractions. Shopaholics will have a harder time here than ordinary tourists, as there are too many temptations, affordable shopping centers, expensive boutiques and a million street markets where everything is at bargain prices..

Among the most expensive souvenirs from Hong Kong are diamonds and precious stones (their prices are lower than in Europe). The second most popular tea is tea, but this is not the usual green tea, but fermented tea. It is sold in the form of round pancakes, its peculiarity is that over the years it changes its taste and becomes richer.

Hong Kong hotels

Since you can see a huge number of tourists at any time of the year, the hotel base is represented quite widely. Accommodation can be found to suit your taste and price. The exception is two months of the year - April and October, when major exhibition events with international participation are planned in Hong Kong. Reserving well in advance will avoid such problems..

Great Buddha and other attractions

A visit to the largest monument to the seated Buddha, which is made of bronze, is a must on the program of any visitor to Hong Kong, it does not matter if he has arrived for tourism or business..

The second meeting point for curious guests is Otpora Bay, which is considered the most beautiful place in the region. It resembles a crescent in shape, locals and tourists not only come to admire the area, but also swim and sunbathe on the most beautiful beach.

Own Hollywood in Hong Kong

The Avenue of Stars is another favorite place for tourists. This is a tribute to local film workers who have become world famous. On this street you can find:

  • commemorative plaques engraved with the names of the heroes of the cinematography;
  • statuettes resembling monuments;
  • traces of the palms of your favorite actors;
  • the symbol of Hong Kong - a statue of the legendary Bruce Lee.

The Avenue of Stars is not only beauty and memory, but also an example to follow, followed by thousands of young people in the hope of conquering not only their native Hong Kong, but the whole world..


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