Taxi in Hungary - prices, order. How much does a taxi cost in Hungary

Taxi in Hungary

Taxi in Hungary

The small European state does not at all look modest in comparison with the giants of the tourism business. Picturesque landscapes, historical monuments, sights, and even taxis in Hungary bring only positive emotions to the traveler who has visited this peculiar and interesting country..

Hungarian transport

Most visitors to Hungary choose beautiful Budapest as the starting point of their route. This city has a long history, many unique attractions and always welcomes guests.

The capital of the country is characterized by a high level of transport infrastructure development. You can easily get anywhere in the city using public land and water transport. The taxi service also offers its services, which are especially valuable in the evening or at night, as well as in case of lack of time to get to the right place..

There are two ways to use the services of Hungarian taxis: catch on the street; make an order by phone. Gullible tourists usually hail a taxi on the street out of habit, and then they are faced with the fact that they paid much more than required. Locals choose the second method, ordering through the telephone network. In this case, you can immediately check with the operator about the cost of the trip in order to protect yourself from an unscrupulous driver. In addition, the operator will notify which car will be served and how soon.

Official carriers are visible from afar, firstly, they are familiar to everyone «checkers» taxis, secondly, such cars are equipped with yellow license plates.

Expensive or democratic?

In the capital of Hungary, passenger transport services are provided by many organizations. Their prices differ, but not much, the trip will be more expensive if the car is new and of an executive class. The Hungarian government has set minimum tariffs that all taxi companies should be guided by. Each tariff includes three components:

  • basic payment or boarding (within 200 HUF);
  • mileage fee (from 140 to 280 HUF, at night up to 360 HUF);
  • waiting for a passenger (40-50 HUF per minute).

Rates for landing and mileage are different for different times of the day - it is clear that it is more expensive in the evening and at night. Each car is equipped with an electronic terminal, which allows you to pay not only in cash, but also by bank cards.

When planning to visit Hungary, a tourist must stock up on the phones of several companies that provide taxi services. Among the largest companies: Buda Taxi (phone 2 333 333), Fotaxi (phone 2 222 222), Rádió Taxi (phone 333 2222), Mobil Taxi (phone 7 777 777). What is especially nice, the phones are remembered very easily..

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