Trip to Hungary

Trip to Hungary

Trip to Hungary

A trip to Hungary will leave many pleasant impressions. After all, the country is incredibly interesting and capable of satisfying the information hunger of any traveler..

Public transport

You can move around the country without any problems. A huge network of roads connects all the cities of Hungary, and there is probably no such corner where a tourist can get..

You can get around any of the cities by bus or tram. The capital of Hungary, Budapest, has a metro and commuter trains. The ticket can be bought at the kiosks that you can find at each stop.

By buses, you can travel not only between cities, but also make a trip to the countries of Eastern Europe (Poland, Slovakia and Romania). If necessary, you can travel to Western Europe. In general, such trips are more budgetary, as if traveling by train..


If your favorite travel option is the railroad, then Hungarian trains will be great for you. The trip will be comfortable. In addition, the cars are not overcrowded, and the speed is decent..

You can also travel with increased comfort in first class carriages. But this pleasure will cost you half the price of a regular ticket..

Water transport

In the warm season, there are regular flights to Lake Balaton and, of course, along the Danube..


Taxis can be found at train and bus stations, near hotels. With the convenience of moving around the city after the end of public transport, you can only take a taxi. In general, you should be very careful with taxi drivers. The cost of a trip during the day and in the evening can vary significantly. Quite often, the price is unreasonably high. And taxi drivers just love to take advantage of the ignorance of the city's tourists. And if there is no other way to get to the point you need, except for a taxi ride, then the price must be negotiated in advance.

Car rental

If desired, a car can be rented. Requirements are standard:

  • age over 21;
  • you must officially reside in the country (registration at a hotel is quite enough);
  • a deposit of $ 300 (both cash and non-cash payments are allowed).

It is very important to remember the following speed limits: for the city - 60 km / h; highway - 80 km / h; express roads - 100 km / h; motorways - 120 km / h.

If the green color of the traffic light has already started flashing, then it is automatically equated to yellow.

When leaving the city, the driver must turn on the dipped beam headlights. The rule also applies to daytime..

Hungary - thermal springs


  • Trip to Hungary
  • Trip to Hungary
  • Trip to Hungary