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India drinks

India drinks

The original and colorful India seems to the traveler who has come here for the first time to an endless oriental fairy tale, in which one wants to know, see and taste everything. Its natural attractions compete with architectural masterpieces, and Indian cuisine and drinks are becoming exotic even for those who have a rich experience of tourist trips to Asian countries..

Alcohol india

Alcoholic drinks in India, contrary to popular belief, are both produced and consumed in almost all states. The only exceptions are some of them, and therefore there is no need to carry a large amount of alcohol with you. Customs prescribes a tourist to carry no more than 0.95 liters of alcohol for personal use. Everything else will have to be bought locally, especially since India's alcohol is quite diverse and inexpensive. A liter of local rum costs, according to 2014 data, no more than $ 5-7, depending on the region and the level of the supermarket.

National drink of India

Hindus do not particularly drink alcohol, and therefore the national drink of India is not rum or beer at all. They consider it a traditional masala tea, which the guest will certainly be offered in every home, cafe or shop. This special drink is made from black tea, milk and spices, the main of which is ginger. Masala tea amazingly restores strength, gives energy, refreshes memory and makes every moment of life meaningful and important. Every Indian knows how to cook it and, despite some differences in recipes, the effect after drinking a glass of masala tea is the same: energy appears and mood improves. Also, the request to serve masala tea is perceived by the Hindus very positively. They begin to feel special respect and appreciation for the guest who wished to taste this particular Indian drink..

Alcoholic drinks of India

Almost all types of alcohol can be bought and ordered in a restaurant in the country. There are no single recommendations and the choice depends only on the personal preferences of each. One has only to beware of iced drinks, not being sure of the quality of the water from which it is made. In addition, the laws of the country prohibit the use of alcohol on the streets and in other public places..
Indian Alcoholic Drinks Recommended by Seasoned Travelers:

  • Old Monk - a variety of local sugarcane rum.
  • Aristocrat - whiskey in triangular shape bottles.
  • Sula - grape wine produced in the south of the country.
  • Kingfisher is an inexpensive beer with a very special taste.


  • India drinks
  • India drinks
  • India drinks
  • India drinks