Capital of Indonesia: map, photo. What is the capital of Indonesia?

Jakarta - the capital of Indonesia

Jakarta - the capital of Indonesia

The capital of Indonesia, hot and sultry Jakarta is a typical South Asian metropolis. Noisy and overcrowded to the limit, it consists of chic glass skyscrapers, towering among the eerie slums. On the roads, the congestion of which is known around the world, sparkling Lexus’we stand next to the poor tuk-tuk.

National monument

An important symbol of Jakarta is the country's highest tower (130 meters) with an observation deck located on it. The stele is installed in the very center of the city and reminds its residents of the years of the struggle for independence. The tower is located on Merdeka Square, which means «independence». If you look closely at the stele, it practically repeats the world famous Washington Monument..

The observation deck is located at the top of the tower (115 meters) and can be reached by an elevator. The underground part of the monument is also not empty. It houses a museum dedicated to the history of Indonesia.

National Museum

It is the main museum in Indonesia, and the exposition is one of the richest in the entire southeastern region of Asia. Here you can see all the historical, archaeological and cultural finds. You will see national costumes, art objects and utensils of all peoples inhabiting this country. The halls of the museum are decorated with idols and bas-reliefs found in Javanese temples, ritual masks of the island of Bali, a collection of unique porcelain from the Chinese Han dynasty and jewelry that belonged to the former rulers of the country..

Near the entrance to the museum, you can see a statue of an elephant, cast in bronze. It was donated in 1871 by the king of Thailand, so the second name of the museum is «House with an elephant».

Little indonesia

The country's territory is spread over more than one and a half thousand islands. Not a single tourist can visit each one. But the Taman Mini park is a great opportunity to look, if not all, then most of it. For children, the walk will bring a lot of joy, turning into a mini trip.

Such parks, offering their country in miniature, are very popular. There is something similar in Thailand and Malaysia. Hundred hectares «Little Indonesia» placed all the provinces of the country. In addition, Indonesians constantly hold costume shows in the park..


A large Catholic cathedral inherited by Muslim Jakarta during the reign of Holland. Lacy Gothic looks rather strange amid the noise and city traffic, but with all this, the cathedral continues to receive parishioners. And if you wish, you can listen to organ music here. Concerts are held with enviable regularity.


  • Jakarta - the capital of Indonesia
  • Jakarta - the capital of Indonesia
  • Jakarta - the capital of Indonesia